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Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq’s grave has been desecrated In Libya

On Sunday 26th August 2012  The Salafis came at night 3 AM while people were sleeping and dug out the blessed resting place of Hazrat Shaykh Ahmad Zaruq Alayhi Rahma.


We Have Just Been Informed By Brothers In Libya that The Salafis Have Taken The Blessed Body of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma and They Have Dumped It At An Unknown Location and the Salafis are on their way to destroy the tomb of the Sahabi, Ruwayfi’ b. Thabit al-Ansari in Libya.

LATEST UPDATE – Saturday 08th September 2012:

We have received some news from Brothers in Libya that the Sunnis have found the blessed body of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma and it is unharmed and intact and it is being kept in a secret location! May Allah Ta’ala Raise The Maqam of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma.

Salafis Shamefully Destroyed the Grave and Mosque of Sayyidi Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma in Libya:

In Arabic:

نبش ضريح سيدي احمد زروق بمدينة مصراتة

تمت عملية نبش قبر سيدي أحمد زروق تحت جنح الليل والناس نيام بتاريخ 26/08/2012 حيث قامت مجموعة من الخوارج الوهابية والمسلحين بالهجوم على الضريح عند منتصف الليل وعندما اعترضهم بعض الأشخاص اخرجوا ورقة وقا…

لوا أنه أمر من اللجنة الأمنية العليا بإزالة القبر دخلوا الضريح ومعهم معدات الحفر واقفلوا الباب عليهم وتم العمل بكل هدوء وتم نبش القبر ووجدوا رفات وعظام في القبر حسب شهود عيان انها رفات لشخص واحد مع العلم بأن ضريح سيدي أحمد زروق مدفون معه شخصين احدهما خادمه. طبعا فوجئ الناس واهالي مدينة مصراتة بهذه الجريمة النكراء التي ترفضها كل الأديان والشرائع وقاموا بالاحتجاج والاستنكار والاعتصام في المسجد وامام محكمة مصراتة وبعد صلاة العشاء تم اجتماع بين أهالي مصراتة ورئيس المجلس المحلي وقام رئيس المجلس المحلي الدكتور سليم باستنكار واستهجان هذا الفعل إلا انه قدم اعذار واهية لعدم مقدرة الاجهزة الأمنية في مصراتة من بسط السيطرة والأمن في المدينة ورد عليه اهالي مدينة مصراتة الصمود وشبابها أنه إذا لم تكن الأجهزة الأمنية على قدر المسئولية لحماية المدينة والقبض على الخارجين عن القانون واسمائهم معروفة فإن شباب الثورة الوطنيين والغيورين على الدين والوطن قادرون على حماية المدينة وكما وفقنا الله للدفاع عنها وتحريرها والمساهمة في تحرير باقي تراب ليبيا الحبيبة فإنه لن يعجزنا بإذن الله القضاء على هذه الشرذمة المارقة والخارجة عن القانون واعطيت فترة 48 ساعة للمجلس المحلي والأجهزة الامنية للقبض على الجناة الخوارج واعادة الرفاة إلى مكانه وصيانة الضريح واعادته في أبهى حلة وإلا فإن أبناء مدينة الصمود قادرون وجاهزون لحماية المدينة واحقاق الحق والضرب بيد من حديد على هؤلاء الخوارج الوهابية والله ولي التوفيق

Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlwi (radi Allahu anhu), in his book, “Bustaanul Muhaditheen”, praises Hazrat Sayyidi Ahmed Zarooq (radi Allahu anhu), by describing him as follows:

Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlwi (radi Allahu anhu), in his book, “Bustaanul Muhaditheen”, praises Hazrat Sayyidi Ahmed Zarooq (radi Allahu anhu), by describing him as follows:

“Hazrat-e-Arfa wa Ah’la, Imaamul Ulema and Nizaamul Awliya (The Highly Exalted Shaikh, Leader of the Ulema and the Governor of the Awliya). This great Saint is also among the Abdaal Sab’a (The Seven Magnificent Abdaal) and is an authority amongst the Sufis. Among his illustrious students are personalities like Imaam Shamsudeen Lagaani and Imaam Shahabudeen Qastalaani (radi Allahu anhuma). The Saint was a master in Shari’ah, Haqiqat and all Mystical Facets. Some of his books can be consulted to gain a better appreciation of his immense qualities.”

Who was Shaykh Ahmad Zaruq Alayhi Rahma ?

His Youth

His Youth

On a beautiful Fajr morning on the 22nd of Muharram in the year 846 A.H (June 7th 1442 CE), in the village of Tiliwaan, was born a man the ‘Aarifeen would forever praise and look to for spiritual growth. His name was Ahmad ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Isaa Al Barnoosi Al-Faasi, known as Az-Zarruq. His parents died while he was one week of age due to a horrible outbreak known as ‘Azzunah. His maternal grandmother Umm Al-Baneen, a woman he would always express absolute love and gratitude for, raised him. Umm Al-Baneen had memorized the Qur’aan and studied Islaam. She was a Zaahida and raised her beloved grandson as one as well. Imaam Az-Zarruq describes his grandmother as such,

“She instructed me how to make Salaah and ordered me to do so at the age of five. At the same age she sent me to the kuttaab (Qur’anic School) and started teaching me about tawheed, tawakkul, eemaan, and deen in a curious method. One day she prepared food for me. When I came back from the Kuttaab for luch she said, ‘I have got nothing for you to eat. However, provision is in the treasure of the Almighty! Sit down and let us ask from Him!’ We stretched out our hands to the heavens and began praying to Allah . Then she said: ‘Go and look, aybe Allah has put something in the corner of the house.’ We began to search and how glad I was when I found the food! She said: ‘Come and let us thank Allah before we eat, so that our Lord may give us more from his Mercy!’ We thanked Allah and praised Him for an hour then we commenced eating. She used to do many times till I grew up.”

“Encouraging me to make Salah, she used to put a dirham on my pillow so that I might see it when I opened my eyes in the morning. She would say, ‘Make fajr then take the dirham.’ Her idea was that the dirham would gelp me to pray and keep me away from corruption and prevent me from looking at what is in other people’s hands when I desire to buy something.”

He continues to write, “After I had learned some chapters of the Qur’aan she began teaching me how to write and read. She would warn me against poetry saying, ‘He who neglects science and deals with poetry is like he who exchanges wheat for barley.’

His family were diligent in their remembrance of Allah as well as studies. When he was a child he sat in the market listening to some story-tellers when his uncle told him, ‘No one sits here save the idle!’ Shaykh Ahmad stated that he never listened to the story-tellers again. His grandmother sent him to be an apprentice of a cobbler. Later, however, at the age of sixteen Imaam Zarruq went to the epicenters of Islamic sciences in the west, the Qarawiyyeen University and the ‘Inaaniyyah college. There he studied Maaliki Fiqh, Hadith, Usool, and Arabic grammar. He had over 35 well known established scholars he sat under in these institutes. Some of them include Imaam Abdur-Rahmaan Ath-Tha’labi (died in 873 AH), Muhammad ibn Husain (As-Siraaj As-Saghir died 887 AH), Muhammad ibn ‘Ali Al-Bisti Al-Qalsaadi, and Abdur-Rahmaan Al-Qawri.

Some of His Travels and Studies

In the year 873 AH he left for Hajj. Along his travel he visited Cairo and other famous cities within the region. After staying for 2-3 years in Medinah, he left to continue his studies in Cairo. He studied at the feet of the Muhaddith (Doctor in Hadith), Shaafi’i Faqih (Jurisconsult), Mufassir (Exegete of the Qur’aan) Imaam Muhammad As-Sakhaawi (831-902 AH), who was the student of the leader of the believers in the science of hadith, Al-Haafith Ibn Hajr Al-’Asqalaani. He also studied beneath Nur-ud-Deen As-Sanhoori, Abdur-Rahmaan Al-Qabbaani, Shams-ud-deen Al-Jawjari, Nur-Ad-Deen At-Tanasi, Abdur-Rahmaan ibn Hajr, and Ahmad ibn ‘Uqbah Al-Hadrami (died 895 A.H). He studied Sahih Al Bukhaari, Al-Ahkaam As-Sughraa, Bulugh Al-Maraam (which he took from the hands and tongue of Imaam As-Sakhaawi, the student of its Author Ibn Hajr), Al-Madkhal of Ibn Al-Hajj, Al-Ihyaa of Al-Ghazzaali, Ar-Risaalah of Al-Qushayri and many of the works of Ibn ‘Ataa’illah Al-Iskandari. In the book Ad-Daw Al-Laami’, Imaam As-Sakhaawi (rahimahullah) states, “He travelled to Egypt, perfored Hajj, became a Mujaawir at Medinah. He settled in Cairo for about one year. Therein he studied Arabic and Usool under Al-Jawjari and others. He read Bulugh Al-Maraam under my supervision and researched in Al-Istilaah (the science of hadith) with me. He accompanied me in certain things and I benefited from a group of his fellow countrymen.”

It was said by the author of Tabaqaat Ash-Shaadhiliyyah Al-Kubraa about Imaam Zarruq in Cairo, “When the scholars and learned men of Egypt heard of his arrival they came to him and attended his lectures. He started teaching at Al-Azhar. About six thousand men used to attend his lectures from Cairo and its suburbs in Al-Azhar. He became head of the Maalikis and their department at the University. A high well-made chair was specially placed for him on which he used to sit and dictate his lessons. This chair still exists at the Western Quarter. He was of great power and influence with the Egyptian princes and was always welcomed by all of them.” He took tasawwuf from the scholar Ahmad ibn ‘Uqbah Al-Hadrami who was a scholar in the Shaadhili and Qadari branches. He later established himself in the city of Misurata, Libya. Misurata was the third largest city in what is called Libya today. It was a port city that connected Italy and Europe to Northern Africa. It was also a city that was on the path from West Africa to Makkah and Medinah, hence many pilgrims would stop and seek shelter, buy goods, and listen to the religious lecturers in the Masaajid.

Why Imaam Az-Zarruq chose Misurata is not absolutely known. Ibn Naasir in his “Rihlah” wrote, “Az-Zarruq was asked for his reason for moving to Misurata and he responded thus, ‘This is a matter beyond thought, not accompanied by any determination nor decided for any particular reason that we know. It is a mere accident whose being has appeared and whose existence has become real, obeying what Allah demands.”

After establishing himself in Misurata he traveled frequently to Algiers and Egypt. He gave lectures and busied himself with the remembrance of Allah . In 894 he made Hajj for his third time. On his way back he lectured in Al-Azhar and visited old companions. He stopped in a town called Al-Minyaa, giving lectures and reviving the Islamic spirit. On the 18th of Safar 899 AH, Shaykh Zarruq died while in the state of Khalwah at the age of 54. The community he lead built a large Zaawiyah for him and his students. Many of his students, who are principally Shaadhili, started a sub-order known as the Zarruqiyyah.

Some Authored Works

Shaykh Ahmad Az-Zarruq left behind many works of light. In fiqh He wrote a commentary of Risaalat Al-Qayrawaani, Manaasik Al Hajj, a Sharh of Al-Ghaafiqiyah, Sharh of At-Tirmithi, Sharh of Al-Irshaad, Sharh of Qawaa’id ‘Iyaad, Sharh Al-Qurtubiyyah and other works. He wrote many letters that are still preserved in many libraries till this day; Rasaa’il lis-Saalikeen, Wasiyah, Risalah ilaa Abdullah Al-Maghrawi and other letters. He wrote nearly ten works on du’aa. The major ones being; Al-Watheefah, Sharh Asmaa’ullah al Husnaa, Al-Hafeetha, Fat-h Al Maqaam Al-Asmaa’, Sharh Dalaa’il Al-Khayraat and others. In ‘Aqidah he wrote a Sharh of ‘Aqidatu Ghazzaali and a Sharh of Al-Murshida. In hadith he wrote a Haashiyah of Sahih Muslim, Juz’ Fi ‘Ilm Al-Hadith, Sharh Arba’in Hadeethan, and Ta’liq ‘alaa Al-Bukhaari. He also wrote over 50 books on the science of tasawwuf. He wrote Qawaa’id At-Tasawwuf, Al-Jaami’, An-Nasaa’ih, An-Nasihah Al-Kaafiyah, Risaalah, Risaalah fi Radd ‘alaa Ahlul Bida’ah, Sharh Al-Haqaa’iq wa Daqaa’iq, Sharh Muqatta’aat Ash-Shushtari, Muzeel Al-Labs, the very famous I’aanatul-Mutawajjih al-Miskeen. Sayyid Hamza Yusuf quotes a line of enormous benefit from the I’aanah,

“Never expect anything from the creation of Allah , but rather expect things from the creator, Allah !”1 He also wrote two works on the Qur’an; Sharh Surat Al Faatihah and Tafsir Al-Qur’aan. He wrote of his travels in two major works, Al-Kunnaash and Ar-Rihlah.

His Silsilah and Receiving of the Khirqah

His silsilah connecting him to the shaadhiliyyah goes as follows:

Ahmad Az-Zarruq from Yahya Al-Qaadiri and Ahmad Al-Hadrami from ‘Ali ibn Al Wafaa’ from Muhammad ibn Al-Wafaa’ from Daawud Al-Baakhili from Ibn ‘Ataa’ illah Al-Iskandari from Abul-’Abbas Al-Mursi from Abul Hasan Ash-Shadhili from Abdus-Salaam ibn Mashish from Abdur-Rahmaan ibn ‘Attaar from Shu’ayb Abu-Madyan as well as Taqiyud-Deen Al-Fuqayyir…all the way to ‘Ali ibn Abi Taalib. He also has a chain that leads to the great Hanbali Sufi, Abdul-Qaadir Al-Jilaani that goes through his Shaykh Ahmad Al-Hadrami.

May Allah shed His Abundant Mercy and Light Upon Shaykh Ahmad Az-Zarruq. Ameen!

Photos from the desecration of the grave of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma:



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  2. this amongst other desecrations of pious visitation is a day of sorrow for the Muslim ummah. It is beyond human logic to destroy a grave nevermind a saints maqam.

    Would the Holy Prophet have ordered that graves be dug up and smashed? is this islam?

  3. shame on You Salafis, you are **** who gave you the right to demolish it, you **** dont compare yourself with sahaba ekraam ok, you are not even the tiny dust of there legs, ***** go to hell

  4. Where is the body, has it been removed or is it still buried?


      Some Brothers have been phoning Libya and they have Informed me that The Salafis Have Taken The Blessed Body of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma and They Have Dumped It At An Unknown Location and The Salafis are on their way to destroy the tomb of the Sahabi, Ruwayfi’ b. Thabit al-Ansari in Libya !!!!

      We Have Some Brothers Travelling to Libya to defend the Blessed Graves of Awliya Allah and Sahaba May Allah Be Pleased With Them!

  5. My blood boils when I hear such news.

    The next fitna is Sunni agsinst the najdis.

  6. The wrath upon those who desecrate the graves of the Friends of Allah :
    Imam Qadi Yusuf an-Nabahani (Rah) writes: Imam `Abdul Wahab Sh`arani stated, “Our brother Shaykh Salih al-Hajj Ahmed Halabi [may Allah sanctify his secret] informed me that his house was in the vicinity of the blessed mausoleum of Shaykh Muhyuddin ibn `Arabi. It was visible from his house. One night after `Isha prayer, a person -carrying fire- advanced towards the tomb, with the intention of burning the bier. When he was 8-9 metres away from the grave, he started sinking into the ground, so much so that he disappeared in the ground. Late night, when his family members could not find him anywhere, they started looking out for him. When the shaykh narrated them the entire incident, they reached the place where he had sunk. When they dug up the place, they found his head. But as they went on digging, his body kept sinking on further. After much digging up, they finally gave up, covered his body with mud and went away.”
    Source: Jami’ ul-Karamat il-Awliya

  7. May Allah take them to task.

  8. It is very sad to read this news.This comes as a big shame for Islam and Salafi’s r not to be considered as muslims.They follow wahabism.They do not follow even the basic principles of Islam that any grave should not be dug.These Salafi’s have committed a very big sin (GUNAAH-E-KABEERA) and are answerable to Allah (Subhana Wata’ala) for such a big sin.They have called upon themselves for punishment in this earthly life and the life after death.

    We request the Government of Libya to stop the Salafi’s from spoiling the name of Islam.

    We pray to Allah (Subhana Wata’ala) and his beloved Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam to shower the blessings on Hazrat Shaykh Ahmad Zaruq Alayhi Rahma.
    Ameen Summa Ameen.

  9. Everywhere in the world these Salafi’s are spreading unislamic doings…
    Why cant we Sunni’s do anything against Salafi/Wahabi Criminals??? They are spreading unhumanity in Sri Lanka too.. But Alhamdulillah Sunni’s have a voice hear… Pls ask dua that nothing worst happens hear…

  10. Can we please stop using this word Salafi to describe these people, it is disrespectful to the original Salaf. Thank you

  11. Reblogged this on Talmeez's Blog und kommentierte:
    Shame on You

  12. I think people should be killed who took the blessed body so all the shayateens can learn a lesson from this if it was to be in my hands and I could do so I wouldn’t take a minutes and I’ll kill these shaytaans they are not humans they are worse than animals even animals have some feelings and sense but these shaytaan,s don’t have any.

  13. Dont worry they will be killed and slaughtered worst then what you have seen in burma and palestine all of them who who did and those who remain silent God is Great and his revenge is dreadfull

  14. Have you ever noticed, the difference between a wahabi/najdi and a true Sunni? The najdi’s are always saying untruthful things about the awliya of Allah and are disrespectful to the prophet (saw), whilst the Sunni’s are always defending the awliya Allah and our beloved prophet (saw) and we shall defend them until the last drop of our blood

    • Inshaallah we will Hashar tak daalenge hum, Paidaaishe moula ki dhoom, Mislee faras NAJAD ke kilaaee giraate jayenge ,Khaak ho jayen adoo jal ker magar hum to RAZA ,Dam me jab tak dam hai ,Zikar unka sunaate jayenge.

  15. after 500 years the body was still preserved! what more proof do these wretched wahhabis need???

  16. This is traumatizing and painful to receive news about our beloved Shaykh. We make duoa that through ALLAH’s mercy ALLAH open their eyes & hearts and see their wrong doings and beg for ALLAH’s mercy & keep them on the straight path, inshallah

  17. According to Bukhari Hadith sharif…. Najdi salafi wahabi arei qarnush shaytani…

  18. A^Udhu Billaahi Ta’ala words can’t express the anger I feel inside right now towards these viol criminals. I’m angry for the sake of Allaah. I am so fed up with these wahabis and there criminal conduct against Islam, but fear not Ya brothers and sisters in Islam, their time is coming. May Allaahu Ta’alaa preserve the body of Shaykh Ahmad Zaruq Alayhi Rahma Rahimahullahu Ta’alaa and will for the angels to retrieve Shaykh’s blessed body. Ameen Ya Allaah

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  20. […] con dei non musulmani). Mentre qua, al santuario di Sidi Ahmed az-Zarruq, hanno superato se stessi, svignandosela con la salma del sant’uomo lì sepolto. Le “autorità” sedicenti tali, giunte a Tripoli sul ‘tappeto volante’ della British […]


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  23. A`oodhu billah mina sh-Shaytan nir-rajeem! Bismillahi rahmaan ir raheem! Madad yaa Saahib az-Zamaan Sayyidina Mahdi (a), madad yaa Rijaalullah! We are in need of one who will free us of the reign of Shaytan, yaa Allah send us a rightly guided leader, amin!

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  27. LATEST UPDATE – Saturday 08th September 2012:

    We have received some news from Brothers in Libya that the Sunnis have found the blessed body of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma and it is unharmed and intact and it is being kept in a secret location! May Allah Ta’ala Raise The Maqam of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma.

  28. This is a very great news for us that Sunnis have found the blessed body of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma and it is UNHARMED AND INTACT and it is being kept in a secret location! May Allah Subhana Wata’ala Ta’ala Raise The Maqam of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma

    & We pray to Allah (Subhana Wata’ala) and his beloved Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam to shower the blessings on Hazrat Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq
    Alayhi Rahma.

    Ameen Suma Ameen.

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  30. they teach that Allah has a body and face and hands and shin but we are just ignorent of the how, also they belive that Allah is in a location above the throne when in reality we as muslims believe that Allah exist without a place, direction etc…
    , and this is the kufr they teach

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  32. ألا إن أولياء لا يموتون ولا كن إنتقلو إلا مكان أخر

  33. Assalaamu alaikum, unfortunately, worldwide, this salafi mindset is a thorn in the side of our ummah today. While I am hesitant to call them bad names or call them kuffaar as some have done. I do abhor this type of disrespect they show for our scholars who have passed. In the United States, the salafis have been instrumental in splitting many communities and have wreaked much havoc The only reason they have not escalated their destructive tactics here in America, is because of the rule of law here in the U.S. I have written a beneficial book on the modern day Salafis. Feel free to visit my site below to access it in sha Allah .

  34. How do we know this is real the video is blocked and the pic are too

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  36. may is soul rest in perfect peace

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