Men And Women Salah ?

There are some differences between how women and men’s way of performing Salat.
1) Men raise there hands all the way to the ear for Takbeer while women raise their hands only up to their shoulders.

2) In Qayam (the standing posture) Men place their hands below Navel while women place their hands on their chest.

3) Men grasp their wrist while women do not. They only place right hand on the top of left with fingers intact together.

4 ) In Ruku (the bowing posture) Men’s back is horizontal while women suppose to bend their back only far enough to touch their knees. Looking from far it will look like a bow arc. They won’t flatten their back.

5 ) In Sajdah men’s back portion is raised from ground and hands apart from body and fingers of feet twisted while women suppose to be gathered in a way so that all their body parts are close together and abdomen placed over her thighs.Both feet and ankles sticking out to the right. Lower portion of back touching the ground.

6 ) During Jalsa and Qaida (sitting between Sajdah and during Attahyat) men sit on their left ankle and their right foot’s fingers are twisted while women sit on floor and their both ankles and feet sticking out towards right hand side.

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