After Saying Shahadah ?

Once a person has said Shahadah he/she needs to do certain purifications.
1. A female  should trim her nails short, shave the hair under her armpits and pubic hair (for those below puberty they will not have such hairs so they can just shorted their nails).
2. A male should trim his nails short, shave the hair under his armpits,  pubic hair and shave the hair on his head (and later get circumcised as soon as possible)

(for those below puberty they will not have such hairs so they can just shorted their nails).
Narrated by Abu Dawood (356) which says that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) commanded a kaafir man who had become Muslim, “Shave off the hair of kufr and get circumcised.” (Classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood; see also al-Mughni, 1/276; Sharh al- Umdah by Shaykh al-Islam, 1/350)

After you should take a shower (ghusl) and wear clean pure cloths. By clean it is meant they should be free from impurity such as urine,  feces and dog saliva.
Then take a shower and wear clean cloths . Then you should learn how to prayer and start praying if the time of prayer has arrived. Please look in the worship section of the website on how to prayer and for prayer times.
Also note that hairs under the armpits and pubic hair should not be aloud to grow for longer than 40 days.



How to perform the Ghusl

1.Intention inside ones heart not verbal.

2.Say Bismillah (which means in the name of Allah)

(do this outside bathroom if your bathroom has a toilet in it as we should not mention Allah’s name in were there is a tiolet/lavatory )

3.Wash the right hand up to and including the wrists.  Make sure to  while rub and  rub  between the  fingers of the hand. And thus make sure no part of the hand is left dry.  Three  times Then do the same with the left hand. (also three times).
4.Wash off any  impurities off the private parts.

 5.Wash the right hand up to and including the wrists.  Make sure to  while rub and  rub  between the  fingers of the hand. And thus make sure no part of the hand is left dry.  Three  times Then do the same with the left hand. (also three times)
6.Make a cup with the right hand then from this hand take water into your mouth and swirl it inside the mouth and then expel out of mouth. then sniff remaining water from the cupped right hand and sniff water into the nose and then blow the water out and using the  left hand  remove the water from your nose. Do this three times , Some people rinse the mouth first three times and then rinse the nose three times However the first method is the most authentic.
7 .Wash the face three times, from the hairline to the jawbone and chin, and from start of the ear to start of the ear  A man should wash the hair of his beard  by taking a handful of water and entering it below his chin and rubbing it through his beard and passing the wet fingers through the beard.
8.Wash the right arm  up to  and including  the elbow.  Three times.

The arm extends from the fingertips, including the nails, to the lower part of the upper arm. It is essential to remove anything stuck to the hands before washing them, such as dough, mud, paint, nail polish etc, that could prevent the water from reaching the skin.
 Do the same with the LEFT ARM . Three times  .
9.Pour water over the head Three times down to the roots of the hairs. rubbing the roots of the hair with the wet fingers

10.Pour water liberally over the entire body, beginning with the right side and then the left side and rubbing the body with hands. Ensuring that no part of the body is untouched by water .

11.Move away from area were you did ghusl  and Wash the  right feet up to  and including the ankles, three times,

You should enter the water between the toes with your little finger and then wash the feet (note not wipe feet but wash them) and make sure  and make sure you wash the sole of the foot and the heals. Make sure no parts of the foot is left dry
Wash the left foot same as the right foot.  Three times
12 .Then  say the following Duas (supplications) for Wudhu when outside the bathroom (if bathroom has a toilet inside it)

Ashhadu an laa ilaaha ill-Allaah wahdahu laa shareeka lah, wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasooluhu.
( I bear witness that there is no god except Allah alone, with no partner or associate, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.)
Allaahumm ajalni min al-tawwaabeena wajalni min al-mutatahhireena  (O Allah, make me one of those who repent and make me one of those who purify themselves) Note. you can just read these from a piece of paper. Also you can make notes on the sequence of steps on paper and put paper in a plastic bag or laminate it take it with you to the bathroom. This will be easier for you.

Next You should wear clean cloths. A Muslims cloths and body should always be free from urine, faeces and dog saliva. This concludes the purification process for the New Muslim 


 Live As a Muslim

You should try your best to live according to Islam.
You cannot learn every thing at once. So try to do things in order.

 First is the prayers. learning how to prayer the five daily prayers.
learning how to dress as a Muslim and what to eat and what not to eat.(see the social Islam section) This is explained in their respective sections on the website.
If things seem hard at first do not worry. Things will seem so easy eventually

Also  a Muslim should eat with his /her RIGHT HAND,  not eat pork and other haram (forbidden) food  (please look in the social section of the website for further details).

 A Muslim should use only the LEFT HAND for cleaning themselves after going to the toilet. Clean with toilet paper and then wash front and backside with water.

A Muslim  should also not allow urine, faces or dog saliva to be on their body or cloths.

A Muslim should not flirt or date or have sexual relationships with the opposite sex other than their husband or wife.

A Muslim should not shake hands or hug a person of the opposite sex other than their mahrems. Mehrems are those people whom it is forbidden for you to marry.

For a man it will be his mother, grandmother, sisters, daughters, mother and father’s sisters (aunties) and nieces, 

 For a women it will be her father, grandfather, brothers, sons, mother and fathers brothers (uncles) and nephews.

Cousins are not mahrem so you cannot shake hands or hug their cousin of the opposite sex.

Please also note that once one says the Shahadah, he or she starts with a blank slate. No matter how bad the person sinned before embracing Islam he or she is forgiven. So their is no need to worry about past sins. You are sinless and pure. Now you can build start to build your new record of deeds.

If you have any questions about becoming Muslim, please contact us via the link below:



  1. salaam i am a new muslim sister i found that the advice written above was so helpfull..

  2. Are males allowed to have long hair, mine is past my shoulders and am considering converting, just want to know. Thanks.

    • The Prophets’s hair was till his shoulders, A Muslim Man may lengthen his hair on condition he does not imitate the 
custom of the Non-Muslims in doing so.

  3. But if I convert, then I should shave my head (Shave off the hair of kufr)? To how much?

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