In Praise of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him on the occasion of mawlid

You are the life, the succorer of humanity, the gem of mankind, the ruby of the universe. The Sultan of creation, the unparalleled, the unrivaled, the infallible.

Oh Seyyidi !
Oh Mercy upon Mankind!
Oh Best of Lovers!
Oh Who is to be Loved the Best!
Oh Love of first Sight!

YA Sayedi YA Muhammad ! SallAllahu alayhi wasallam

Ya Habiballah!
Your Beauty Unmatched!,
Your Strength Most Supreme!
Your Knowledge beyond books!
Your Modesty is paramount!

YA Sayedi YA Muhammad ! SallAllahu alayhi wasallam

There was never one live you, nor they will never be one like you!

Ya Rasool anta Nurun Ala Nur!
You are the Beginning
You are the Middle
You are the End

YA Sayedi YA Muhammad ! SallAllahu alayhi wasallam

You are the Noor upon Noor. The Illuminating light the Eternal most pure the most perfect.
From your noor came first the Kalam,
then from your noor came the Lawhe-Mahfooz”
then from you noor came the Arsh

We make tawwaf around the Kaaba!
But the Kaaba makes tawwaf around you, YA SEYYIDI!

Ya Kalimullah!
You the Haqq!
The Ocean of Knowledge!
The Wisest!
The Enlightened!

YA Sayedi YA Muhammad ! SallAllahu alayhi wasallam

OH Paradise on Land!

Your “Lawabethen”- sweeter than honey, your “Ariqa- mubarak- ” Musk of paradise”, your “Zulfe- Mubarak” – most beautiful and silky. If an eye laid on you, the beloved image would stay there in their heart forever. OH Beloved you are covered by the sacred veils, for if they were removed, the noor would extinguish whatever it would face. Whatever Your “qathima-mubarak” touched, became land in paradise, and those who followed it, were walking on the stairs of Paradise. Your blessed teeth are of pearls. Your smile so perfect and heartful it would blossom anyones day.

YA Sayedi YA Muhammad ! SallAllahu alayhi wasallam

The day urges Allah to let him appear, so he can absorb Energy from the Noor of Muhammad, and the Moon and stars urge the Allah to let can appear and also Absorb more from Noor of Muhammad.

Ya Khatimul-Ambiya
Oh Unbroken one!
Oh Purest of Chains!
Oh Unlettered one!
Oh Model for Mankind!

Our Hearts lust for you! Our mouths thirst for you! Our Stomachs crave for you! Our Eyes water for You!

OH Jewel Of Creation!, Shimmering of Solace,! Sacred Epitome! Leader of the Ummah!, Holder of Maqaam-e-Mahmood”

Seyyidina Awalina wal Akhirreen Muhammad Sallalhualhiwasalam.

There are no praises from mankind that are sufficient enough for his Majesty Seyyidina Muhammad SallAllahu alayhi wasallam . So we ask Allah on his behalf to send the praising and salawat. Allah ya Rabbi is Greatest of praisers ,for his words are un-comparable.

By Sidi Syed Usman al-Naqshbandi


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  2. Mashallah

  3. Masha Allah May Allah reward u with jannah for such praise is incomparable with any other praises, I wish I Have the knowledge to praise the greatest of all Allah’s creature.thank u
    From ur brother Imam Muadh(muazu) Nigeria

  4. Ma Shaa Allah … Ma Shaa Allah… Ma Shaa Alllahhhh……..,😘🤩😍🙌🙏😎

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