Shaykh Hashimuddin al-Gaylani


Hazrat Shahzada Pir Syed Hashim uddin Al-Gaylani Al-Qadri Al-Baghdadi S/o. Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Mansoor uddin Gaylani  was born on 14th December 1973 at Baghdad, Iraq.

Sayedinah Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al Gaylani (Q.S.A) is the most renowned Islamic Scholar and the founder and leader of the Al Tariqah Al Qadriyah school of Islamic thought and teaching which publish the Islamic guidance called Al Tasawwuf that, in English, is called Sufism.

The Gaylani family (Sheikh Hashimuddin’s family) is the most well known family in the Islamic world and in Iraq it is the head of Ahlul Bayt – descendants of Rasulullah (S.A.A.W.) that are called Ni’qabatul Asharaf.
His biography is as under:


Hazrat Sheikh Syed Hashim Uddin Gaylani

S/o. Hazrat Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Mohiuddin Gaylani

S/o Hazrat Sheikh Syed Hassan Mansoor Uddin Gaylani

S/o Hazrat Sheikh Syed Ali Safa Uddin Gaylani

S/o Hazrat Sheikh Syed Abdul Rehman Zaheer Uddin Naqeebul

Al Ashraf Gaylani (First Prime Minister of Govt. of Iraq 20-21-1922)

S/o Hazrat Sheikh Syed Ali Gaylani Qadri Baghdadi Al Naqeeb.

S/o Hazrat Sheikh Syed Sulaiman Gaylani

S/o Hazrat Sheikh Syed Mustafa Gaylani

S/o Hazrat Sheikh Syed Zain Uddin Gaylani

S/o Hazrat Sheikh Syed Muhammad Darwesh Gaylani

S/o Hazrat Sheikh Syed Hassam Uddin Gaylani

S/o Hazrat Sheikh Syed Noor Uddin Gaylani

S/o Hazrat Shiekh Syed Wali Uddin Gaylani

S/o Hazrat Sheikh Syed Zain Uddin Gaylani

S/o Hazrat Sheikh Syed Shaf Uddin Gaylani

S/o Hazrat Sheikh Syed Shams Uddin Gaylani

S/o Hazrat Sheikh Syed Muhammad Al Hatak Gaylani

S/o Hazrat Sheikh Syed Abdul Aziz Gaylani

Hazrat Shahzada Pir Syed Hashim Uddin Gaylaini Qadri Baghdadi have a great role  in this respected family and he also have great influence of this family.

His childhood and youth was passed in the “Babul Shaikh” of Hazrat Mehboob-e- Subhani Shaikh Abdul Qadar Gaylani (Q.S.A.)

Character: He belongs to a very high and dignified family. He possess  a high moral character and is a very literary personality. His great saying and high moral is in conformity of his predecessors and according to the Islamic codes. He have pure and honest habits. He is a kind man, soft spoken and is a beloved personality amongst common people and gentry. He is humorous and has a very pleasing personality. He is trustworthy, man of a purity, generous and a man always giving charity. He follows the examples and habits of Hazrat Syedna  Sheikh Abdul Qadar Gaylani. He always remains away from bad habits and bad sayings.

His Holiness is one of the current leaers of Tariqatul Qadriyah and specializes in Fiqh and Shariah Laws and Tasawuf.

His Education:

He got education in a very trained and educated environment. After studying Nazra & Holy Qaran, he got religious education from the religious scholars in Madarasa Qadriya.

One of his great teachers is the current Mufti of Iraq, Maulana Al Sheikh Abdul Karim Al Mudarris(they call him Abdul Karim Bayarah). Sheikh Hashimuddin Al Gaylani has been certified as an Islamic Scholar by Al Sheikh Abdul Karim Al Mudarris – with the credentials of Al Ijazzah Al Elmiyahwhich is the most important certification for an Islamic Scholar and teacher. Al Sheikh Hashimuddin Al Gaylani has studied with many other Islamic scholars as well

He is a pleader of Islam and belongs to the sect. Humbly, It was his duty to make ‘religious education’ a centre of attention in a same manner as every person and the maternal grand son of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in “Khanwada Gaylania” has made their duties to get  such education.

This scholar also got religious and seraglios education beside the education of his age and worldly education. He also got education of economic from “IDARATUL AIMAL” management.

Sufism and Behaviour:

He has a great interest in Sufism and good behaviour, strict invitation to the people to  follow Quran & Sunnah, gives advice to the people to follow the Sufism of the great scholars. He avoids unnecessary criticism.

Participation in International conferences and Islamic Assemblies: He has great interest in following the way of life of Qadria and in publication and preach of Humbly Sect. He defends all the objections raised to Muhammad PBUH). For this purpose he toured various countries and participated the conferences on this topics held in Asia and Europe. The countries he visited are: Jordan, Syria, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. He also traveled to European countries and

participated in ( the Islamic conferences held in the various cities of London and in same manner attended meetings held in South Africa. In these tours he made religious and spiritual addresses which are very much honoured by the people. These addresses consists of very valuable information and a person having interest in Islam and way of life of Qadria Sect.

His Thinking and Future Programmes: His aim is to bring people to the plateform of  Ahle Sunnat wa Jamat, to make people follow the examples of the holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the advices of the Islamic Scholars and their explanations of the religion of Islam. He took interest in such Talks and Discussion which proved to be a way of agreeing and pleasing God and which have blessings of God for those who desire for it. These are also beneficial for the people and countries of the world which has peace and freedom for the people and cities of the world? Among all these aims, one is to establish “International Darul Qadria” a Institution namely“AASTANAE QADRIA GHOUSIA BAGHDAD SHARIF” in Pakistan and internationally.


 Hazrat Sahibzada Sheikh Hashim Uddin Al-Gaylani Al-Qadri Al-Bughdadi likes very much that he should be called proclaimer of Allah and a servant of the teachings of his grandfather Imam Syedna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gaylani (Q.S.)


God has blessed him with wards, a son namely Syed Muhammad Gaylani and two daughters namely Syeda Fatima and Sayeda Ruqyya Gaylani.



All the good names are for Allah. Who give blessing to the people telling about him and with his kindness the good deeds increase blessings (Darood & Salam) be upon him who is a pride of the universal leader Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and on his right hand honorable all his friends and on those who followed his example after Humdo Salat Asslamoalikuim, Oh, god I pray you to open all the hidden and spectacular traceries which you open on your very pious and your beloved persons and on those lovers and be lover who have no fears nor any sad.

Oh. God, you make us among those Saleheen.

Oh, God, make us among them who have firm believe in you.

Oh, my religious brothers; our Qadari is the way of Quran and Sunnah, the person who does not believe in Quran / Sunnah or against them is not from us  and every one of us (Qadri) gets his religious from the Quran / Sunnah and consult them in each and every matter. Be conversant of the person who is in the grave (PBUH) who is the owner of this region.

Relation with Qadrya: Know by these present that no doubt our Qadri way is related to my grand father Huzoor Syedana Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gaylani who is one of the great Olia of Allah and Saleheen

All the people of different regions agree in to his being pure and pious, Wali of East and West. I don’t know if any body had made any bad remarks on him, he is honored and dignified person, his live is in Ahle Sunnah and Jamaat and belong to Humbly Sect. and was a great scholar. Everything was easy and clear for him. Our Qadriya way belongs to his valuable and dignified personality after Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and other Saleheen, is our leader. Whatever has been said about him by Imam Novi (R A) is enough for us.

Hazrat Sheikhul Islam Mohiuddin Novi (R.A) says: according to our knowledge and information, we have through Oliya Allah. All the commands belong to Hazrat Qutub Rabbani Sheikhul Baghdad Sheikh Mohiuddin Abdul Qadar Gaylani. He was leader of Scholars and Shafia and Humbiya of Baghdad in his time, the knowledge and education has reached to an extreme. Many people benefited in his company. All the scholars agreed that we should consult his sayings and orders. People would had to come from very far to get education and training from him. He possessed a very moral character; he was highly educated and very hospitable with a humorous face, has great wisdom and knowledge and followed Shariyat very strictly. The person of education and scholars
paying respect to the persons with high educations and scholars.

Hates the disobedient people and doing deeds against the teaching of Islam. He loved the right people. Most of time, he prayed to God. He always remembered death. He had great knowledge and education. He would angry when he found any body dis obeying the orders of the God. He had a good moral character and very good habits and was very generous. There was no parallel in knowledge and education.

Our Way of Action:

Our way of action and dealing life is his example. He would always remain busy in prayers and thinking and this is also our aim which we want to renew and followed. We want to protect you and to remain away from the bad things that had entered us away from Sataan so that our way of life dis correct according to the orders of God.

Our Aims and Object:

We want to spread and published Qadriya way so that we will amend them another aim of publication is his Sufism and Qadriya way a men who believe in god and the doom day is a Momon and for him it is necessary to understand the rights the Sufism. My religious brother these are the few lines through which I want to introduce Qadri way to you.

I appeal through this that you become our helper so that real Sufism can be published in a better way and I want that you become a real Qadri in the true sense, Such a Qadri that if somebody look at you, he finds in you a reflection of the thinking of Hazrat Imam Gaylani whose invitation was “illallah”. I am not aware of a person whose invitation was so high as that of Hazrat Imam Gaylani. His personality was neither “amar bil maroof” and nor “analmunkir” but it was “daee illallah” and “minarah-e-noor-o-basirat.”

O! Qadri, the one who look at you, you should look like a symbol of a person following Quran & Sunnah. You show a light of his personality. His dignified personality should apparent from your look.

When you express truth, you should have reflection of his personality. This is the personality which deserves to be followed and to be shown by your actions. I want that every Qadri should have the character as shown by him everywhere.

O! my brothers, you should drown deep in my words and you can say that these are the very wonderful and different things which are not in a common man. I say to you that this is my demand.

This is the way for which I want the people live together with love and sincerity.

Sufism always has attacks from all sides. Not for reason that it is a Sufism but due to misunderstanding and misinterpretation people have. They have no distinction between truth and false. Therefore it is our duty to tell the truth. People due to their weak thinking blame us although the God says:

Translation: The one who got guidance he was so of his own and the one who took a wrong  path will always be the same. His loads of sins will not be born by the others.

Translation: We (God) do not punish any one for his mistakes until we sent our prophet.

We request the God to help us for saying truth.

O! brothers, I am not strictly a follower of Shariah but a beggar of God and am a candidate of His mercy. I am afraid of his punishment and request
God that when I go out of this world I should not be selfish, and with the traditions as inherited from my parents. But as the God gave me a responsibility I must deserve the same. I should be trustworthy, giving invitation to follow Way of Qadria. I hope you would pray for me that I be in  the pious people. If God wish I must be His servant, your brother and guide. There might be people more beloved of God than me and having deep knowledge of religion and there a lot of scholars who have followers with more dignity.

In the last I pray to God: O! Allah make me the same as people think about me and forgive them for what they do not know. Wassalam o alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barkatahu.

God ! sent “darood”  to our leader Muhammad (PBUH) Such a darood through which our souls get life and through which we are given a lot of spiritual treasures.

Our hearts are lightened due to him.

Our good deeds are opened  due to him.

Our association is shown due to him.

Our aims are purified due to him

Our difficulties and problems are solved due to him.

Our sorrows are removed due to him

Our sins are forgiven due to him.

Our sins are hidden due to him.

We are made competent due to him for observation and are made obedient due to him and enabled to talk to him and to have a look of him. And send darood to his personality and all his men, his friends and all his wives and wards.

(Alhamdo Lillahe Rabbul Aalamin)


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