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The Crown of the Muslim Jurists – Shaykh Abd al-Haq Bandyalwi from Pakistan

The Crown of the Muslim Jurists - Shaykh Abd al-Haq Bandyalwi from Pakistan

The Crown of the Muslim jurists – Shaykh Abd al-Haq Bandyalwi Hafidahullah from Pakistan:

“Taj al-Fuqaha” (crown of the Muslim jurists), Allamah Shaykh Abd al-Haq Bandyalwi is perhaps the “greatest accepted scholarly authority” alive among the Ahl al-Sunnah circles of ulama today in Pakistan. At the age of ninety (90) he beholds the oceans of ulum and irfan of his honourable father “Faqih al-Asr” (most prominent jurist of his era) Yar Muhammad Bandyalwi فقيه العصر استاذ العلماء العلامة يار محمد بنديالوي (d. 1947CE) who was the teacher of the most remembered and accepted master of the Islamic and rational sciences, ” malikul Ulama” (King of the ulama) Shaykh Ata Muhamad Bandyalwi ملك العلماء عطا محمد بنديالوي (d.1991CE) and grand-student of Allamah Fazle- Haq Khayarabdi (1857CE) رحمهم الله اجمعين.

Those aware of the scholarly isnad traditions (student teacher links) of Pakistan are aware that the Madrasah of Bandyal (District Khushab, Punjab) is the flag-bearer of Allamah Fazl-e Haq Khairabadi’s (d. 1857CE) silsilah of khayrabadiyah in teaching. It has produced an overwhelming number of major ulama over the past 100 years (it was established by Allamah Yar Muhammad in 1910CE) around two hundred 200 of which became the greatest teachers of Pakistan imparting Islamic sciences and issuing Fatwa such as Sharih Bukhari Allamah Ghulam Rasul Rizvi, Peer Muhammad Chishti, Allamah Ghulam Rasool Saeedi, Allamah Abd al-Hakeem Sharaf Qadri (one of my teachers), Allamah Ghulam Muhammad Tonswi (under whom I am studyied), Ghulam Muhammad Sharaqpuri, Justice Peer Muhammad Karam Shah etc. All of the major sufiya and peer sahibs of Pakistan would send their sons to the Madrasah of Bandyal to attain the Silsilah Khayrabadiyah (link to Allamah Fazle Haq) and that’s why we find major personalities of Sayyal Shareef, Golra Shareef, Baseerpur shareef, Sultan-e-Bahu Jahng Shareef (Pir Sultan Mu’azzam) are students of the Madrasah Bandyal.

Allamah Abd al-Haq Bandyalwi, the living blessing of this Silsilah Khayarabadiyah, is a full-fledge accomplished teacher of all of the transmitted and rational sciences, those taught and hidden. He studied under his honourable father, then under “Malikul ulama” Ata Muhammad Bandyalwi, “Muhaddise Azam Paksitan” Allamah Sardar Ahamd Qadiri and Allamah Muhammad Deen Badhoowale (the last was also the teacher of majors such as Huzur Shaykh al-Islam Shah Qamarudeen Siyalwi and Hazrat Sayyid Zubayr Shah of Chakwal). The Shaykh’s taqwa & wisdome is visible from far and his knowledge and examination of the ulum has been the subject of hundreds of ulama for years. There is no doubt that he is a living sign of our noble predecessors and a walking encyclopaedia of the sciences. 

Alhamdulillah, with the kind duas offered by my parents and teachers, the Shaykh accepted me and my colleague Allamah Sayyid Gazanfar Shah Sahib of Shahdarah Lahore, among his smallest students at Madrasah Bandyal on Sunday 11th March – 17th Rabi al-Thani 1433H last year. Allahu akbar! He recited to us the beginnings of the Hadith compilation “Mishkat al-Masabeeh” and bestowed us with jubbahs and khilafat in his private gathering. 

The Silsilah Khayrabadiyah (from below to the top):

4. Allamah Fazle Haq Khayrabadi (Rahimahullah)
3. llamah Hidayatullah Jawnpuri (Rahimahullah)
2. Faqih al-Asr, Yar Muhammad Bandyalwi (Rahimahullah)
1. Huzur Sayyidi Taj al-Fuqaha, Abd al-Haq Bandyalwi (hafizahullah)

This pathway links me to Allamah Fazl-e-Haq Khayrabadi through only 3 people, alhmadulillah, the shortest possible chain at the moment. I was blessed with khilafat (permission) in the the silsilah Saabriyyah Chishtiya of Haji Imdadullah Makki through the Shaykh linking me to the honourable legend through only 2 people which is also the shortest possible link today. 

May Allah Almighty make this ijazah an opening for me in the Divine Court, bring me closer to the Noble Habeeb SallalAllahu alayhi wa sallam and reflect its tajalliyaat and barakaat in my life and hereafter, ameen. May all the friends of Allah Almighty be rewarded the best of rewards. May we all be granted the love, adab and ishq of the awliya, ameen.

Attached is a picture of our majlis with the Shaykh at the Madrasah of Bandyal (Tajul Fuqaha, Abdul Haq Bandyalwi, may Allah Almighty preserve him).

– Shaykh Monawar Ateeq Hafidahullah


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