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Imam Ahmad Raza Khan’s Ijazah to Shaykh Abdul Hayy al-Kattani

Shaykh Abdul Hayy al-Kattani Rahimahullah with Shuyukh

Imam Ahmad Raza Khan’s Ijazah to Shaykh Abdul Hayy al-Kattani Rahimahullah:

In the name of Allah, the All Merciful, the Most Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the one for those who have no one, and the support for the one who has no support. The most excellent blessings and perfect peace upon the master of the generous and support of the creation, the seal of the chain/series of honoured Prophets. And upon his family and companions, the narrators of his knowledge and preservers of his manners.

Shaykh Abdul Hayy al-Kattani Rahimahullah
The righteous hadith specialist, complete scholar, the Sayyid of noble lineage, expert, gathering point of virtues, source of excellence: Mawlana, al-Sayyid, al-Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Hayy Ibn al-Shaykh al-Kabir al-Sayyid Abd al-Kabir al-Kattani al-Hasani al-Idrisi al-Fasi. The Muhaddith of the west, rather the Muhaddith of the non Arabs and the Arabs.
Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Rahimahullah
The Reviver of Islam, the grandmaster of tafsir, hadith and fiqh, peerless Hanafi jurist of his time, the vanquisher of innovators and enemies of religion, the foremost defender of faith and the imam of Sunnis, the polymath, the poet, the teacher, the mufti, the gnostic, the guide Mawlana Ahmed Rida Khan al-Hanafi al-Qadiri al famously known as Ala Hazrat in the subcontinent was born in 1272.

Ala Hazrat, meaning the ‘Grand Master,’ was a common title of respect in the 13th/14th century Hijri. Imam Ahmed Rida was called Ala Hazrat as he was a major force against innovators and the leader of Sunni scholars. This title became so famous, that it has now become a synonym for Imam Ahmed Rida Khan. Upon his second and eventful visit to Arabia in 1323, scholars of the two sanctuaries – Makkah and Madinah – were so impressed by his erudition and his efforts to safeguard Ahlu’s Sunnah, that prominent scholars hailed him as the Reviver of Religion. Major scholars in (undivided) India also agreed that all the qualities required in a Reviver were found in him and thus he is the Mujaddid of the 14th century after the Prophet’s migration. Imam Ahmed Rida referred to himself as Abd al-Mustafa or the slave of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam).

To proceed: The righteous hadith specialist, complete scholar, the Sayyid of noble lineage, expert, gathering point of virtues, source of excellence: Mawlana, al-Sayyid, al-Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Hayy Ibn al-Shaykh al-Kabir al-Sayyid Abd al-Kabir al-Kattani al-Hasani al-Idrisi al-Fasi. The Muhaddith of the west, rather the Muhaddith of the non Arabs and the Arabs, the Lord willing, visited me whilst I was staying in the holy land (Balad al-Haram), with three days remaining from Dhil Hijjah in the year 1323.
He came and heard from me the pattern chained hadith of firstness (musalsal bil awwaliyyah), and this was the first hadith he heard from this weak servant. Just as I heard it from my master and guide, my liegelord and support in this world and the next: Sayyidina al-Shah Aal-Rasul al-Ahmadi, Allah be pleased with him eternally. And this was the first hadith he heard from the Muhaddith of India, well known to the Arabs and those in Sindh: Mawlana al-Shah Abd al-Aziz al-Dehlawi. And this was the first hadith he heard from his Sheikh and father: al-Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi. And his chain is well known and mentioned in his work on pattern chained narrations (musalsalat). And he also requested from me an ijazah and permission for all that I narrate from my noble Sheikhs who are:1) Our master and guide whose noble mention has just passed.
2) My master and father, the patron of the blessings upon me, the seal of the verifying scholars, the Imam of the earlier scholars, the defender of the sunnah and effacer of tribulation. Author of amazing works, overpowering proofs and radiant path: Hazrat Mawlana Muhammad Naqi Ali Khan, al-Qadiri al-Barkati al-Barelwi, Allah sanctify his powerful secret (died 1297) narrating from his noble father the knower of Allah Sayyidina Mawlawi Rida Ali Khan, Allah sanctify his secret.
3) The Shaykh of the scholars of the secure city, the trustworthy Imam, hadith specialist, jurist: Our master al-Sayyid Ahmad bin Zayn Dahlan al-Makki, Allah sanctify his angelic secret, narrating from Sheikh Uthman al-Dimyati.
4) Mawlana Imam al-Hummam, the lantern of Allah in the holy land: Abd al-Rahman bin Mawla Abdullah al-Siraj, the Mufti of the hanafi’s in Makkah the protected, Allah protect them both, narrating from al-Mawla Jamal bin Abdullah bin Umar the Mufti of the hanafi’s.
5) Mawlana the pious Sayyid Hussein Salih Jamal al-Layl, the Sheikh of the preachers and Imam of the Shafi’s in the holy lands, Allah the most High protect him, narrating from al-Mawla Abid al-Sindhi.
6) Mawlana, the grandson of my guide, and his successor, possessor of exalted mastery, beautiful felicity and immense stations: Sayyidina al-Shah Abil Hussein Ahmad al-Nuri, Allah most High perpetuate his enlightenment with both metaphorical and actual light, narrating from al-Shah Ali Hussein al-Muradabadi.This low servant was not at that rank (such that he be requested for an ijazah by Shaykh al-Kattani)and is not fit for this:It was incumbent upon me that I should go to him But was preceded, and the noble ones are the firstDespite that the one ordered is excused, not least when the order is from the likes of the well known Sayyid, with the hope that he encompass all of us in the blessings of the pool (hawd) and praiseworthy station (maqam mahmud) by linking to him in the well known way, by sending the most excellent salutations, perfect peace, beautiful greetings and abundant blessings.
And this is because the Sayyid is from the family of the Messenger, and the family (ahl al-bayt) who are honoured in this world and the next and are under divine care. So whoever attains between himself and them a link, it is hoped for him from the generosity of Allah and his blessings of His Messenger (Allah the most High bless him and give him peace) every blessing and gift.
It is due to this beautiful hope and obeying the command of this esteemed Sayyid I have given him permission to narrate all that it is correct for me to narrate from the noble scholars who are praised. I request from him not to forget this low weak servant his brothers, family and lovers in his righteous supplications. And the greatest hope is that with the power of the Lord of the earth and the heavens, on the day we meet his noble grandfather, the master of the Prophets, upon him and them the most excellent blessings and peace.
O Allah the one who sent this beloved as a mercy and blessing, sends salutations, peace and blessings upon him, by the number of that which is in your knowledge and words. And by his status with you, rectify our actions and realise our hopes, lighten our scales, take pity/have mercy on our states. And our last prayer is that all praise is due to Allah the lord of the worlds, peace and blessings upon the master of the Messengers Muhammad, his family and all of his companions.Saying this with his tongue and writing with his pen, the needy one: Ahmad Raza al-Muhammadi al-Sunni al-Hanafi al-Qadiri al-Barkati. Allah forgive him for all his sins that have passed and those that are to come. Ameen.
A Speciel Thanks to Sidi Abu Hassan Hafidahullah Sidi Saleh Hafidahullah!


  1. The excellent post & great information withe group photo. Jazak-Allah-Khair for the nice & excellent post.
    If you could have mention the names of Shuyukh it will be great help to the UMA who is who?, if possible please do mention the names of all the Shuyukh in the above group photo with out fail.
    Once again thanks for excellent posting.

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