Posted by: Faqir | December 15, 2012

Shaykh Badruddin al-Hassani’s love for ‘ilm (sacred knowledge)

Shaykh Badruddin al-Hassani

A Very Rare photo of Shaykh Badruddin al-Hassani Alayhi Rahma from Damascus – The Shaykh is in the middle of the picture, usinghis particular turban.

The greatest muhaddith – All the scholars and Shuyukh of Syria accepted him as  their teacher, and those living in Damascus used to attend his daily lessons. He  had a photographic memory. Knew by heart all the hadeeths of Bukhaari, Muslim,  and the remainder of the six most famous books of Hadeeth, including the  biography of all narrators of all chains of every hadeeth, their dates of birth  and decease, and their status of authenticity. Also, he used to explain the  Quran by heart from al Baydaawi’s Tafseer (explanation of the Qur’aan).

His  ijaazah was especially besought by Hadith scholars for being the closest one of  his age to the Prophet Salla’l Laahu `Alaihi Wa Sallam (counting the number of  men in the chain). Doctors and engineers who attended his classes used to say:  We exhausted our life learning our profession, and he knows it more than us. He  was also instrumental in the organization of the revolution against the French  occupation.

The Late Ascetic Shaykh Ahmad Habbal al-Rifai Alayhi Rahma from Damascus Relates:

” One year, on the second day after Eid, Shaykh Abdul Karim al-Rifai Visited Shaykh Badruddin al-Hassani and he was asked about the reason for his absence from the lesson? Shaykh ‘Abdul Karim Alayhi Rahma said that everyone was busy celebrating Eid. Shaykh Badruddin Alayhi Rahma replied and said that he has no Eid other than ‘ilm (sacred knowledge).”

Wisdom of Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi – Shaykh Badruddin al-Hassani Alayhi Rahma:

On The Life of Shaykh Badruddin al-Hasani Alayhi Rahma (In Arabic):

Rare Audio of Shaykh Mahmud Rankusi –  Shaykh Mahmud Rankusi Alayhi Rahma from Damascus – One  of the closest companions of the great Muhaddith Shaykh Badruddin al-Hasani Alayhi Rahma:

Rare Audio of Shaykh Muhammad Suhail from Damascus Recorded in 1954 – The Shaykh was the closest student of Muhaddith al-Akbar Shaykh Badruddin al-Hassani from Damascus:


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  2. masha ALLAH.
    everybody reading this please recite salawat and make dua that blessings are conveyed to for my Shaykh, my parents and me. Ameen

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