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Sayyida A’isha al-Manubiyya al-Shadhili’s grave has been Destroyed In Tunis

On Tuesday 16th October 2012 The Salafis came in the early hours of the morning ( about 3 Am) whilst many people were asleep and they went and burnt  the blessed grave of Sayyida A’isha al-Manubiyya (Rahimaha Allah) and they destroyed all the contents of the shrine as well as the Blessed coffin of Sayyida A’isha al-Manubiyya (Rahimaha Allah).  The Police officials have said that that 5 masked men came at 3 Am and they burnt the shrine.

Some notes on the life of Sayyida A’isha al-Manubiyya (Rahimaha Allah):

Sayyida A’isha al-Manubiyya (Rahimaha Allah) passed away in the thirteenth centaury, she was a famous Wilaya and she was considered to be one of the 40 companions in Tunis of Imam Abul Hasan ash-Shadhili Alayhi Rahma.

Whilst she was alive she was very strong and vibrant personality, while pregnant, her mother was travelling in the wilderness outside manuba when she confronted a Lion; she was terrified until the voice of her unborn girl spoke to her from within her belly. She said: ” Don’t be frightened, Mother. for you are protected by the preserving power of Allah Ta’ala! Surely Allah has loved me and chosen me and purified me and made me beautiful to the world, Allah Ta’ala has poured out for me a drink and strengthened my hand and made me for the beauty of The Saintly Friends of Allah. After birth she continued to make such bold claims. From a very young age, she persistently and regularly proclaimed herself to be Qutb al-Aqtab and Sayyidat al-Rijal, coining new feminine noun to be equal to the generally masculine nouns that describe positions of high statuses among the Sufis and Awliya Allah. Even as a young girl, she would move through the market place, interacting with men as an equal and arguing about religion. This was even more provocative because she had a reputation for being stunningly beautiful girl. When she was 12, she had a strange experience that would shape her life forever:

‘’Sayyidina al-Khidr Alayhi Salam appeared to her in the streets of Manuba when she was a girl 12 years old , in the form of a boy ( her own age). He said, ”Get your father to fix your engagement right away or I will take you myself, I’ve been waiting for you for Three-Thousand Years!”. She rebuffed him to his face. She went directly home and complained to her father, ” O Father, a man approached me and said to me such things, and I was afraid of him for he said to me, ‘ I will take you myself.” so her father got her quickly engaged to her cousin, the son of her father’s elder brother. Her father said, ” You know this age is corrupt and by Allah, I am afraid of the obstacles of these times; people are saying many things about her and there are many evil people these days.” But she told her cousin, ”If you love to take me (in marriage), then you will die, as Allah Ta’ala wills. ”Everybody around her laughed. But in the middle of the night he died. Thus her first evident miracle, a warning, secured her freedom from marriage.’’

In this way, she began to walk in the footsteps of the Wilaya Sayyida Rabia al-adawiyya  (Rahimaha Allah) also known as Rabia Basri (Rahimaha Allah), who remained unmarried throughout her life as a very public saintly woman. Sayyida A’isha (Rahimaha Allah) told her followers, ”I have seen Rabi’a al-‘Adawwiya from Basra and she said to me, ‘I serve you!.” Like Rabia, she became known for bold static sayings that sound to others like Boasts. And like Rabia, she was never known as a Female Majzub, meaning that her sayings and proclamations may have been inspired and audacious but were never attributed to irrationality and madness. Instead, Sayyidiah Aisha seems to have been very deliberate and constant in her spiritual claims. Just as she had seen Rabia, She also saw many other great male Awliya of the past, and they confirmed her status as the female Axis of her age. She saw Ghaus E Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani Alayhi Rahma and Hazrat Imam Junaid al-Baghdadi Alayhi Rahma among many others. Importantly, though, Sayyidi A’isha never admits to having learned Sufi Mysticism from any man or woman, living or long passed away. Not from the mysterious Sayyidina al-Khidr Alayhi Salam, whom she met while she was so young. ‘’Junaid rose above the station of other (Male) Awliya ( Fawq Manazil al-Rijal) by three hundred degrees. But I have risen above the station of Junaid by Five hundred Degrees! And Rabia al-Adawiyya, if she would reach my position, she would rush to serve me and stand at my hand.’’  

Some Images from The Destruction of the grave of Sayyida A’isha al-Manubiyya (Rahimaha Allah) in Tunis:

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  1. Very sad news,

    INSHA-ALLAH. All Salafis will to JAHANUM-NAAR. Ameen suma Ameen.

  2. Wahabism contribution to civilization strikes again!!!!
    These savages are worse than feral pigs.

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  4. Inshallah, waiting for our Leader Mehdi Alayhisalaam to come and kick all Salafi’s / Wahabbies out.

  5. Everyone should stop calling these people salafis, they are not upon the Manhaj of As-salaf , they should be referred to as Najdis or feral pigs.
    These zanaadiq object to the maqaam of awliyaah but preserve the sites in Najd, KFC and burger king.
    The zandaadiq object to the mawlid of Sayiduna Rasullullah (saw) but openly celebrate the birthday of the founder of their cult and also the birthday of American politicians.
    All the terrorism being committed in the so called name of Islam, without exception is because of these drunken savage feral pigs the Najdi wahabite neo khwarijite scum.

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