Posted by: Faqir | September 17, 2012

A Response to those who insult the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم‎

Salams! Please could you out this up jazak Allah

Due to the recent despicable act of making a filthy and abhorrent film, by some sick-minded beings, and trying to attribute this to the Prophet I decided to write this. This film was not made in the name of so called “freedom of Speech” as, this much coveted freedom that certain quarters desire so much, must have some kind of boundaries, at least for anybody with who wishes to preserve the sanctity and sanity of their minds and souls.

Let me draw your attention to something immediately. This so called freedom of speech you talk about, does in fact have boundaries, but only to those whose agenda it serves. Holocaust denial is illegal in certain countries, and if ones denies this in the name of “freedom of speech” the “culprit” will be held accountable, however, denying Islamic history and degrading and insulting Islam, the Quran or The Prophet is seen as simply “Freedom of speech and expression” and if the Muslims raise their voice about such disgusting acts, they by default become “intolerant” and “segregated” not to mention all the other derogatory remarks that are well circulated by ignorant zombies who are slaves to the Zionist media.

The lame excuse that we hear time and again, is that Muslims take everything offensive and that Muslims cannot take a joke. The problem in reality is not that the Muslims cannot take a joke, but the problem lies in the fact that the desire for freedom has programmed itself with such vigor, that jokes are found amusing at the expense of causing offence and degrading the religious beliefs of others.

How can it be, that to insult a persons mother, a person will naturally reciprocate and protest yet when Our Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam is insulted, you expect us to let it “pass by”. If your common courtesy has been lost, due to your darkened soul, do not expect others to sit back and allow you to run your mouth and allow filth to come out and soil the hearts and minds of others, for truly, even a bat cannot deny the existence of the sun.

Another problem that the ignorant have, is that they attribute violence and extremism to the Muslims and Islam. This is far from the truth. Just because, there are a few who tarnish the name of Islam, it does not define who the Muslims are or what Islam is.

For those who bring isolated verses of the Quran, to further their agenda, then before you do, I invite you to do some research and look in to the whole context of the verses before allowing your imagination to run wild, surely you believe in “freedom of information” don’t you?

Let me address my Muslims brothers and sisters!

Do not cause harm to anybody nor resort to violence! Our Beloved Prophet won people with love, however, do not sit back and relax! Let your voice be heard! Sign petitions to get this film banned, organize and participate in PEACEFUL protests be that online or otherwise. Educate yourself and your families and friends on the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam and His infinite Mercy, take on His excellent character, for surely Allah Ta’ala has spoken the truth: “and you are of an exalted character” (Quran)

Your brother

Muhammad al Amin
17th September 2012

P.s. you have full permission to use this article or any part of this for defending Our Beloved Messenger salAllahu alayhi wa Aalihi wassallam but without adding,subtracting or altering anything.



  1. BISMILLAHI Babuna

    AsSalaamu alaykum JazzakALLAH

    I am surely going to circulate this as far as I can. JazzakALLAH once again



  2. The overall attitudes in the world are becoming intolerant due to the hatred against each other and due to the tyranny against the weak oppressed nation

  3. WalycumwaSalaam Wa Rehamtullahe Wa Barkathu.

    Thanks for your kind advice. Insha-Allah we should circulate this information as far as we can do it.
    Yes we should not harm anybody. As Our Beloved Prophet won people with love.
    We should participate in PEACEFUL protests Educate our-self and our families and friends on the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam and His infinite Mercy, His excellent character, for surely Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala knows the truth:


  4. Insha allah we carry on our peacefull protest…

  5. Reblogged this on Mukarram's space.

  6. the film against islam should b banned.

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