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Shaykh Ibrahim al Yaqoubi’s al Fara’id al Hisaan – Lesson 3 Notes

About Shaykh Ibrahim al-Yaqoubi Alayhi Rahma the Author of Al-Fara’id al-Hisan :

He is the most learned scholar of the inward and outward:Ibrahim bin Isma’el bin Muhammad Siddiq bin Muhammad Hasan al-Yaqubi al-Hasani al-Jazairi, then al-Dimashqi. The origin of his family returns back to the Algeria.

His great grandfather Shaykh  Muhammad al-Hasan migrated with his family as part of the famously known ‘Migration of the Scholars’ (Hijrah al-Mashaikh) during the middle of the thirteenth Islamic century, along with Shaykh Muhammad al-Mahdi al-Saklawi and Shaykh Muhammad al-Mubarak al-Kabir. His grandfather reached Damascus in the year 1263 Hijri.

Full Biography :


Any mistakes are from me and me alone, any good is from Allah Most High and the Final Messenger of Allah ﷺ.

al Fara’id al Hisan – Lesson 3

  • Shaykh Ibrahim was born on the night of Eid ul Adha in Algeria.
  • This equates to the day of Hajj.
  • The shaykh was a master of the Maliki and Hanafi madhabs.
  • He learnt 48 sciences – the same amount as Imam Suyuti.
  • Shaykh Ibrahim learnt the 48 sciences through suhba and through actual learning techniques – something which is almost impossible in this day and age.
  • The text is a concise text, nothing long; straight to the point, simple and easy to understand.
  • It is also a matan that has many benefits – words used can represent many paragraphs and pages.
  • It’s a fundamental text in the science of tawheed.
  • It will help recognise the core beliefs of Islam, Iman and Ihsan.
  • This truly is a gift from the Shaykh, who’s main aim to was to help us become successful in the Gardens of Paradise and become closer to our Lord.
  • Al fara’id al Hisan means “Beautiful diamonds in the beliefs of faiths”.
  • Aqaid ties a not with you and the Prophet.
  • Iman represents aqaid.
  • With the Shaykh’s words you are lacing and tying these diamonds together.
  • The only weapon as a Muslim that we should have is the tawakul in Allah.
  • Reason for the book is that tawheed is the root of every single science. If the roots aren’t correct – the tree isn’t right.
  • Tawheed is the only path towards recognising Allah and His Messenger.
  • Tawheed is the lamp of eveyr other sceience and subject.
  • Such a lamp that takes a slave out of kuffar and into Iman.
  • From darkness into light.
  • If one has iman with fiqr then there is no space for kuffar. Fiqr is your intellect.
  • Allah will open the chest for the people and call them to Islam; this can only come from Allah.
  • Previously kuffar was mentioned for non-believers.
  • Darkness to light is for the believers.
  • First tawfeeq comes and then comes qudrat.

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