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Shaykh Samir al-Nass on Understanding Wasila

al-Wasila ila fahm haqiqat al-tawassul by Dr. Samer al-Nass ( Please Click on the photo of the Book to view the Pdf version)



Who is Shaykh Samir al-Nass Hafizullah Ta’ala ?

Shaykh Samir al-Nass was born in Damascus, Syria, where he studied at the College of Medicine of the University of Damascus.  He went on to study in the United States where he qualified in internal medicine.
The Shaykh has studied under some of the great ‘ulama of the Levant (Shaam) and the Arabian peninsula.  He has a traditional license to teach (ijazah) in the ten styles of recitation of the narration of the Shatibiyyah and the Durra from Shaykh Muhammad Sukkar.  He received an ijazah in the ten styles of recitation of the narration of Tayyibah from the Egyptian Shaykh Ahmad Mustafa in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, himself a student of Shaykh Abd al-Aziz al-Zayyat of Egypt.  Shaykh Samir has a traditional license to teach (ijazah) in Islamic law (fiqh) and theology and creed (‘aqida) from the previous Mufti of Syria, Shaykh Abu Yusr Ibn `Abidin, Shaykh Lutfi al-Fayumi, and the late Hanafi Mufti, Shaykh Adib al-Kallas.
Shaykh Samir was honoured to study hadith in Mecca with the great Indonesian-Meccan Shaykh Yasin al-Fadani, and with Shaykh Nur ud-din `Itr of Syria.  He also has an ijazah in Prophetic traditions (hadith) from the late Shaykh Abdullah Sirajuddin of Aleppo,  Syria.
Shaykh Samir is presently a teacher in the al-Fatih al-Islami University in Damascus, teaching the Hanafi fiqh manual Al-Hidayah in the department of Islamic Law (Shariah), and lecturer on the ten recitations of the Qur’an in the MA programme. The Shaykh teaches Qur’anic recitation (tajwid) after fajr prayers daily in the blessed mosque of Shaykh Ibn `Arabi, a post given to him by his Shaykh and father-in-law, one of the illustrious Shaykhs of Quran in the Levant (Sham), the late Shaykh Muhammad Sukkar. Shaykh Samir has been teaching at various Islamic studies intensive courses in England and North America since 2000.


  1. Thanks for the information . Do you have English translation? If yes please let us know the web site.

    • بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

      As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

      I pray this message finds you in good health and the most elevated spiritual states, in sha Allah.

      I believe that this will be translated in the near future InshahAllah

      JazakAllah Khair,

      Please keep us in your Duas,

      Seeker of the Sacred Knowledge Admin Team

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