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On attacking the Awliya Allah

On attacking the Awliya Allah by Sidi Irfan

The feet of the person who tramples turn black 

Hazrat Khawaja Bayazid al Bistami was lying with his feet stretched. A devotee was sitting nearby, Aman came, put his foot on that of Hazrat Khawaja and went away. The devotee objected and said that it was Hazrat Khawaja Bayazid’s  foot he had trampled, The man said “so what?” it so happened that when he was about to die. Both his feet turned black, but this was not all, to this day when any of his progeny is about to die, their feet turn black. (Raunaq ul majalais page 17)

The face of the deceased turns away from the qibla       

Hazrat Khawaja Garib Nawaz Moinuddin Chisti Alayhi Rahma narrated:
“There was a man who hated holy men, when he died and was placed in the grave, the people tried to turn his face towards the qibla but it would turn away from that direction. The people were astonished. There was a voice from nowhere announcing that it was an exercise in futility to try to turn his face towards the qibla because he used to turn his face away on seeing holy men and that “he who would turn his face in disgust from my friends. I will turn my face on him. He is a condemned soul and on the day of judgments such people will appear with faces of donkeys”. (Dalail ul arifeen page 23)

Insolent becomes an apostate (kafir):
Maulvi Abdul Ali, a preacher in an Amritsar mosque claimed that he was more learned than Imam Abu Hanifa because he remembered more Hadith Sharif than the blessed imam. This fact was brought to the attention of Mawlana Abdul Jabbar.
Maulvi Abdul Ali had also been a student at Mawlana Abdul Jabar’s madrasa Ghaznavia.
When Mawlana Abdul Jabbar heard about this, he rusticated Abdul Ali from his school and predicted that he would become an apostate. After a week Abdul Ali became a follower of the Deviant Mirza Qadiani Later on someone asked Mawlana Abdul Jabbar how he knew that Abdul Ali would become a non-believer, he replied. “I was reminded of a hadith from Bukhari which states; “I (Allah) declare war against enemies of my friends.”   (hadith Qudsi Bukhari)

instant Death of the slave of the wife:

Once a pious Awliya was walking accidently his foot landed in a pool of mud, the mud splashed on the wife of a passing by couple, the husband was instructed by the wife “Look what that stupid old man has done to my clothes aren’t you going to do anything about it?”  The husband went to the Awliya and slapped him really hard in the face! The man returned to his wife proud, his wife was smiling while the Awliya lay on the ground, the Awliya got up and carried on, however the man who had just slapped the Awliya walked a few steps and he instantly fell down and died for no apparent reason???? There was a shopkeeper who had witnessed the whole incident, he ran to the Awliya and he said that man that slapped you just died? The Awliya turned around and said, “The man slapped me for his friend, and my friend who Sees all and knows all, Saw this and slapped him back”.
Inability to recite Kalima Shahadah on death:

There lived a man in Sanjar who used to ridicule Awliya (friends of Allah) when he was about to die, he was able to talk but unable to recite Kalima.
His attendants were worried and they went to Hazrat Khawaja Shaykh Sawaid Sanjiri Alayhi Rahma he came and sat near the dying man and went into mediation. When he raised his head, the man recited Kalima e Shahadah several times. Then the saint explained that because of his insolence towards the saints. Allah had rendered his tongue unable to recite Kalima e Shahadah. When this was revealed to the Khawaja, he implored to Allah and Allah promised to grant his recommendation provided the saints he used to ridicule forgive him. The Khawaja then contacted Hazrat Maruf Kharqi Naqshbandi, Hazrat Sirri Saqti, Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi, Hazrat Bayazid al Bistami the man presented the unfortunate man’s case and sought his forgiveness, and these saints forgave.
The man himself told that when he wanted to recite Kalima e Shahadah a black thing would grip his tongue and would say. “I am your blasphemy” When he was forgiven a bright thing came and removed that black fiend and said “I am the consent of the saints” Then he said “I am seeing illuminated horses between the earth and sky. Their riders too are illuminated and they are bowing their heads in utter humbleness and reciting:


The man read the Kalima until his last breath and his soul departed. Here are a few rewards for showing reverence to Awliya Allah.

Kissing of a pious hand gets you pardon:

Hazrat Baba Fareed ganj shakar pakpattan sharif narrated;

“A sinful young man died in Multan. Someone asked him in a dream how he had died. He replied that Allah had pardoned him. He explained that one day when Hazrat Bahauddin Baha-ul-Haq Zakariya Multani Soharwardi was going along. He kissed his hand with reverence and because of this kiss and reverence he had been pardoned (khulasa tul arifeen page 20)

Reverence for the pious begets salvation:

A sinful person went to the river Tigris to wash himself. Incidentally Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal was performing ablution (wudu) at a downstream point. On seeing this, the man got up and out of the reverence for the imam washed himself on a spot further down the river. After his death a holy man became inquisitive about the sinner. He performed mediation on his grave and asked him how he had fated. He told that he got salvation for showing a momentary reverence to imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal and narrated the incident. (Zikr e khair page 230)



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