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Shaykh Ibrahim al Yaqoubi’s Al-Fara’id al-Hisan – Lesson 1 Notes

About Shaykh Ibrahim al-Yaqoubi Alayhi Rahma the Author of Al-Fara’id al-Hisan :

He is the most learned scholar of the inward and outward:Ibrahim bin Isma’el bin Muhammad Siddiq bin Muhammad Hasan al-Yaqubi al-Hasani al-Jazairi, then al-Dimashqi. The origin of his family returns back to the Algeria.

His great grandfather Shaykh  Muhammad al-Hasan migrated with his family as part of the famously known ‘Migration of the Scholars’ (Hijrah al-Mashaikh) during the middle of the thirteenth Islamic century, along with Shaykh Muhammad al-Mahdi al-Saklawi and Shaykh Muhammad al-Mubarak al-Kabir. His grandfather reached Damascus in the year 1263 Hijri.

Full Biography :


Any mistakes are from me and me alone, any good is from Allah Most High and the Final Messenger of Allah ﷺ.

al Fara’id al Hisan – Lesson 1: Introduction / The Khutba

  • Aqeedah is what a Muslim must uphold to remain a believer.
  • Istigraaq is that which encompasses all – surrounds the entity. ALHAMDULILLAHEE here in the introduction means ‘all praise is for Allah’. NB. Any praise we give to each other in essence is praise for Allah as we are created by Allah.
  • LAFZI ALLAH is juzzi – it is only for Allah. This proves tawheed and keeps it intact. Allah’s name is only for Him.
  • A deity is something that is worshipped. LA ILA HA ILLALLAH = there is no deity in truth other than Allah. Only Allah has the right to be worshipped.
  • There is nothing worth worship save Him alone.
  • This text in the introduction signals towards the purpose of the book, which is the tawheed of Allah – ilm e Tawheed.
  • Your iman lies with the belief in the Prophet. The Shaykh testifies to this. No one has ever witnessed Allah in His true Reality except the Prophet. So our testification/shahada relies solely on the Prophet.
  • Allah has no partners and no advisors.
  • The Prophet is muktaar – he does everything that Allah wills.
  • Allah has no companion.
  • The opening khutbah has many indications of tawheed.
  • Tawheed and risalat go together.
  • Allah has no example, nothing resembles Him.
  • Allah has no comparisons, no like for like, nothing can compare.
  • The Prophet is Allah’s slave and His messenger.
  • We prove the Holy Qu’ran through the Prophet.
  • We prove the seal of the Prophet (i.e. that the Prophet is the final messenger) by:
    • Relying on the sahaba; who witnessed the miracles of the beloved. These miracles were possible in their essence. I.e. the testification of the sahaba and their chain of narration.
    • Relying on the ulama and what they have written.


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  1. MashAllah Beautiful words, may Allah (swt) bless Shaykh Ibrahim al-Yaqoubi Alayhi Rahma; his generations passed and his generations to come!

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