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Shaykh Ali Ad-Diqr Alayhi Rahma

Shaykh Ali Ad-Diqr the erudite Shaykh of the Levant of Damascus

Early life:

Shaykh Ali Ad-Diqr was born in 1294 (1877) in Damascus to Saleh Muhsin who was a merchant, he inherited from his father generosity and goodness.

Described by the ‘Ulama :

Shaykh Ali Tantawi Said: ‘’ Shaykh Ali Ad-Diqr was extremely white like Muhaddith al-Akbar Shaykh Muhammad Badruddin al-Hasani Alayhi Rahma, he had blue eyes and a long white beard and his imama was embroidered and white.

He accompanied Muhaddith al-Akbar Shaykh Muhammad Badruddin al-Hasani Alayhi Rahma and was one of his closest disciples and he read five books with him as well as reading to Shaykh Amin Suwayd Alayhi Rahma .

He was deeply affected by Muhaddith al-Akbar Shaykh Muhammad Badruddin al-Hasani Alayhi Rahma , and he had an Impact on Shaykh Ali Tantawi Alayhi Rahma, ShaykhAbdul Karim Rifai Alayhi Rahma , Shaykh Abdul Rahman Shaghouri  Shadhili Alayhi Rahma , Ustadh Ali Salman as well as other ‘Ulama and Awliya.

His Preaching:

He taught in the mosques of Damascus Aleppo, Homs, Hama and other Cities and had an impact on the people through his unique way of teaching.

Shaykh Ali Tantawi Said: ‘’ He was the man who shook Damascus, he was 40 years old yet we had not seen a Scholar like him for the past two hundred years. The mosque where he taught was full with people standing at the doors and front windows eager to learn the prophetic sciences.

There were hundreds of scholars who taught at the at his institute in Damascus we will mention a few below:

1 – Shaykh Hassan Habannaka .

2 – Shaykh Abdul Wahab Al-Hafiz was the Hanafi mufti of Damascus.

3 – Shaykh Na’if Abbas .

4 – Shaykh Ahmed Diqr  was the Director of the Institute.

5 – Shaykh Abdul Ghani Diqr .

6 – Shaykh Abdul Karim al-Rifai .

7 – Shaykh Ahmed Mansour Qadad .

8 –  Ustadh Muhammad Diqr .

9 – Shaykh Khalid Jabbawi .

10 – Shaykh Abdul-Rauf Abu Juk .

11 – Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Adib Saleh.

12 – Shaykh Abdul Rahman.

13 – Shaykh Muhammad.

14 – Shaykh Izz al-Din al-Hayk.

15 – Shaykh Abdul Wahab Al-Salahi Shadhili.

16 – Shaykh Muhammad Kamel al-Khatib.

17 – Shaykh Muhammad Syed.

18 – Shaykh Abdullah Al-Rashidi.

19 – Shaykh Muhammad Ali of Egypt.

20 – Shaykh Abdul Rahman Al-Barakat.

Shaykh Ali Ad-Diqr passed away in Damascus in 1362 (1943), and his janaza was prayed in the Umayyad Mosque, and was buried in the Baba Saghir.


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