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Al-’Arif billah al-shaykh Ahmad al-Harun Alayhi Rahma from Damascus

A Rare photo of the Shaykh Alayhi Rahma

Al-’Arif billah al-shaykh Ahmad al-Harun Alayhi Rahma  the erudite Shaykh of the Levant of Damascus (1315-1382) !

What the ‘Ulama and Awliya Said about him :

Shaykh Hasan Ma’mun Alayhi Rahma said :

‘’ I feel like I am in the presence of al-Gazalli’’

Shaykh Saeed Burhani Alayhi Rahma (the khalifa of Shaykh Muhammad al-Hashimi Alayhi Rahma in Damascus) :

‘’There has not been a Scholar like him for the past one hundred years’’

Birth :

al-‘Arif billah al-shaykh Ahmad al-Harun was born in 1315 (1900) , His father belng to the family of the Gnostic Syed ahmad al-Rifai Alayhi Rahma the founder of the Rifai Tariqh , his mother was a decendant of the Sahabi Hazrat shaybah bin osman ibn abi talha al-Qurashi Radiallahu Anhu.

The life of Shaykh Alayhi Rahma :

The Shaykh Alayhi Rahma embraced many hardships , he was requested to recite poems of Shaykh al-Akbar Muhayuddin Ibn al-Arabi Alayhi Rahma , Shaykh Abdul Ghani al-Nabulsi Alayhi Rahma, Shaykh Ahmad Az-Zarruq Alayhi Rahma.

He also fought against the enemies of the ottoman empire in Palestine, and when he finished his military service he returned back to work and in 1946 he married Khadijah the daughter of bint abi Saud al-Hadad ,he had a son called Abdul-Fattah and a Daughter called salma .

Amongst his colleagues:

Shaykh Amin Harbatly Alayhi Rahma

Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin Taghlibi Alayhi Rahma

Shaykh Amin kuftaro Alayhi Rahmathe father of Shaykh Ahmed kuftaro Alayhi Rahma

Shaykh Tawfiq al-Ayubi Alayhi Rahma

Shaykh Abdul muhsin as-Tuni Alayhi Rahma

And Shaykh Ibrahim al-Jilani Alayhi Rahma

The scholars who he sat with:

Muhaddith al-Akbar Shaykh Muhammad Badurddin al-Hasani Alayhi Rahma

Grand Shaykh Abdullah Faiz Daghestani  Alayhi Rahma ( The murshid of Shaykh Nazim)

Shaykh Jafar al-Kittani Alayhi Rahma (The father of Shaykh Muhammad makki al-Kittani Alayhi Rahma)

Shaykh Amin Suwayd Alayhi Rahma and other Ulama

The other scholars that he was in contact with:

Shaykh Muhammad Shukri al-Sattuni Alayhi Rahma

The Knower of Allah Shaykh Amin Alayhi Rahma

Shaykh Abdullah Munjid Alayhi Ra hma

Shaykh Hashim al-Khatib Alayhi Rahma

The Books that Shaykh Ahmad Alayhi Rahma studied:

The meccan conquests by Shaykh Ibn al-Arabi Alayhi Rahma

ihya ulum al-din by  al-Ghazali Alayhi Rahma

One of his Karamats ( Miracles) Not part of the Shaykh’s biography but it was narrated by another Shaykh :

It is well known that Shaykh Ahmad al-Harun Alayhi Rahma went in to a certain graveyard in Damascus and he raised one of the dead through the help of Allah Ta’ala , this incident was witnessed by many people and ‘Ulama.

His Passing:

Shaykh Ahmad al-Harun Alayhi Rahma  passed way over night in 1382 (Friday November 16th 1962 ) , the people of Syria wept after they found out that Shaykh Ahmad Alayhi Rahma  passed away , this was a great loss for the Muslim Ummah and he was buried in Damascus.

A Blessed photo of the grave of Shaykh Ahmad al-Harun Alayhi Rahma

Biography translated by Seeker of the Sacred Knowledge Team

 On the Life of Shaykh Ahmad al-Harun Alayhi Rahma :



  1. alsalmualikum please put shaik samir al-nuss speech he talked about him in a very beautiful way jazak allah khair

    • Walaykum Salam MashahAllah , Can you write what Shaykh Samir al-Nass said about Shaykh Ahmad al-Harun Alayhi Rahma ??


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  5. I would like to also mention that shaykh Abdullah was also a companion of Shaykh Ahmad al-Haroun. My grand father who lived in syria near Shaykh Ahmad mentioned that shaykh Ahmad saw the Prophet alayhisallam in his dream and the Prophet told him that a man will come to his area and he will be the successor of Badrudeen al-Hasani in the hadith. When Shaykh Amhad met Shaykh Abdullah he knew he was the one who the Prophet told him about. Alhumdulillah my grandfather got to sit with both of these great shaykhs and take knowledge from them which he in turn taught to me.

    Salam from Australia

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