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The Benefits of the Awliya Allah

Sheikh Abu Talib al-Makki Alayhi Rahma said, “If you are not from the righteous, see to it that you have love for them, for Allah Most High will look to their hearts, and perhaps He will see you in them and allow you to join them.” In another wording it says, “And perhaps He may look at your name and forgive you.”


In the counsels of my master al-Hasan al-Yusi Alayhi Rahma it states, “And have much love for the righteous, for it is a healing and a remedy.” In another narration, the Prophet s said, “The servant will be brought on the Day of Resurrection and made to stand before Allah Most High. Allah will say to him, ‘O My servant! Have you loved a saint for my sake, that I may love you for his sake?’”


In the book Badhl al-Nasiha, Sheikh [Ahmad] Zarruq g said, “Know that the spirit of Islam is loving Allah, loving His Messenger Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam , loving the Hereafter, and loving the righteous among Allah’s servants.” In the commentary upon Badhl al-Nasiha  by the erudite Ibn al-Zakari Alayhi Rahma it states the following: It is related from my master Abdul Rahman al-Thalabi with his c…hain of transmission up to Imam al-Tabari who said, “A stranger died when we were in Mecca. We took his body to Bab al-Mala and sat down to prepare for his burial when suddenly; he rose up and sat upright. We asked ourselves, ‘Did he not die?’ The stranger said, ‘I did, but I returned in order to bring you glad tidings and inform you that the most beneficial thing we have is love for the righteous and closeness with them.’ Immediately after he said that he returned as a corpse.”
I asked Sheikh Abu al-Abbas Ahmad al-Tijani Alayhi Rahma :  “O master! What is more virtuous, supererogatory prayers and remembrance and the like, or sitting with the shuyukh ?” He replied, “Of course, sitting with the Shuyukh is more virtuous and nothing rivals it. Your sitting in the presence of a saint (Wali Allah) is better than the world and all it contains. . . .”
The author of al-Maq|ad al-warIf said: ‘’It is related that a tailor from the companions of Abu  Yazid [al-Bistami] died. He was beheld in a dream after his death and was asked, “What came of you?” The man replied, “After I was buried the two angels came and asked me questions, so I said to them, ‘How can you ask me questions when I had sewn the garments of Abu Yazid ?’ whereupon they left me.”
The author of Ithmid al-aynayn fÏ manaqib al-akhawayn and others mention: ‘’On the Day of Ressurection, a saint ( Wali Allah ) will be in his procession, going to Paradise, when he will look upon one of the disobedient people being dragged into the Hellfire—and Allah’s refuge is sought—and he will stop and go to him and ask, “Did you ever see me in the world?” The man will say, “No,” and then the… saint will ask, “Did you ever visit me?” The man will say, “No,” and then the saint will ask, “Have you ever heard of me?” The man will say, “Yes. I used to hear the people say, ‘Master So-and-so.’” The saint will then say, “Proceed to Paradise, for not even those who heard my name in the worldly abode shall enter the Hellfire!” After this, a call shall be made from the Creator Most High, “Leave him be,” and he will proceed with the saint to Paradise.’’
‎”I grasped their hands ( The hands of Awliya Allah ), seeking blessings with their palms; When they grasp a palm it is an honor Perhaps it will suffice the lover to justify it With their effects, and consider them spoils.”
– al-Zakari Alayhi Rahma
‎”Though not from them ( The Awliya Allah ), the righteous I love That I might earn their intercession Those who trade in disobedience I abhor Even if I am equally tried with rebellion”
 – Hazrat Imam Shafi’i Alayhi Rahma
‎”So sit with them (The Awliya Allah ) and imbibe their state Do so and become felicitous in life and death Keep their company in a way that pleases them Do so and you will be an upright servant”
– Sayyidi al-Husayn Bin Abd al-Shakur al-Bakri al-Tai’ifi Alayhi Rahma who is buried in Madinah Munawarra

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