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Shaykh Ismail al-Yaqoubi Alayhi Rahma

“My grandfather, The Great Saint Sayyid Ismail al-Yaqoubi, who was the head of the awliyaa of his time, was a great source of barakah in Damascus and dua is answered at his grave.

My grandfather was trained in the Shadhili Way by Shaykh Muhammad al-Mubarak and by Shaykh Ahmad al-Sousi and was given ijaza by them and from others and later he had the honour of receiving an ijaza directly from the… Best of Mankind, sallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, as he met him while he was awake.   He was a man of seclusion, with a himma that would move mountains.

He lived in a room in Sinaan Basha Mosque in Damascus for 30 years, visiting his family once every week on Thursday. His khalwa in the above mentioned Mosque is painted green and has many secrets, lights and barakah.

My father told me of him, “He was full of ikhlass. His wird which lead to his opening was 5000 times Surat al-Ikhlass everyday for 5 years”   An Ocean of Awliyaa by Our Master, Sayyiduna al Shaykh Abu al Huda al Yaqoubi Hafidhahullah

Biography Of Sidi Shaykh Ismail al-Yaqoubi  Alayhi Rahma :




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