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The Ranks of Awliya Allah by Shaykh Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi


The Ranks of Awliya Allah by  Shaykh Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi !

A Sufi speaking to al-Khidr asked him, “Do you know all the saints?” “Yes,” he replied, “I know members of the Assembly of the Circle (Ahl ad-Daira) and others. But there are some I ignore.” “How many are they (i.e. Ahl ad-Daira))?” The Sufi asked. Al-Khidr answered: “They are One, Three, Four, Seven, Ten, Forty, Seventy, and Three Hundred. Should the Seventy observe the states of the Forty they would be unanimous in having them executed as occurred betrween me and Moses. Reason being that water has a difference taste from honey, and honey has a difference taste from wine, and wine has a difference taste from milk, and milk is the drinking of the People of Contingency (Ahl at-Tamkin).”


Hazrat Shaykh Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi  in his famous Futuhat al-Makkiyah records in the 157th section of the 31st chapter as follows: The seven (7) ABRAR are known as ABDAL, who are appointed the Wilayat (control) of the seven(7) sections of this earth. They are seven (7) selected ones and blessed with enormous duty by Allah Ta’Ala. They protect these seven regions with great exactitude. Shaykh al-Akbar also says that he met them in the scared Haram of Makkah al-Mukarrama. He greeted them and they replied to him and also had a discussion with them. Shaykh al-Akbar states that he had not found anyone more attractive and handsome than them neither had he seem anyone more absorbed in IBADAH than them. Shaykh then said:”Yes! I did certainly meet one person similar to them in a town calledKonya.”

Hazrat Muhyiddin ibn al arabi divides the ranks of the saints into the following categories:


1. Al-Ghawth, the grand Qutb, who controls everything in existence. “Know that the entire existence is being preserved (or protected) through the Qutb.” (Futuhat al-Makkiya, Chapter 383)

2. The four Awtad, who control the four comers of the universe on behalf of al-Ghawth. “Through the Awtad, Allah perseveres and protects the south, the north, the east and the west.” (Futuhat al-Makkiya, Chapter 383)

3. The seven Abdal [as whenever one of them passes away, another Badal (replacement) is appointed in his place]. Each of the Abdal controls one of the seven continents, again on behalf of al-Ghawth. “Through the Abdal, Allah protects the seven continents.” (Futuhat al-Makkiya, Chapter 383) ‘The action of the seven pivots is under the command of the Ghawt, and each of them has under him a special group which acts on his behalf.” (Shaykh Sidi Abdellaziz Debbagh)

4. An-Nujaba (honorable, chosen ones) who control the individual cities. “Know that every city or province has its own Qutb (meaning Najib)…” (Al-Yawaqhit wal-Jawahir, Ibn Arabi, v.2 p. 83).

اعلم أن لهذا المنزل أربعة عشر حكماً الأول يختص بصاحب الزمان والثاني والثالث يختص بالأمامين والرابع والخامس والسادس والسابع يختص بالأوتاد والثامن والتاسع والعاشر والأحد عشر والاثنا عشر والثالث عشر والرابع عشر يختص بالأبدال وبهذه الأحكام يحفظ اللّه عالم الدنيا فمن علم هذا المنزل علم كيف يحفظ اللّه الوجود على عالم الدنيا ونظيره من الطب تقويم الصحة كما أنه بالأبدال تنحفظ الأقاليم وبالأوتاد ينحفظ الجنوب والشمال والمغرب والمشرق وبالإمامين ينحفظ عالم الغيب الذي في عالم الدنيا وعالم الشهادة وهو ما أدركه الحس وبالقطب ينحفظ جميع هؤلاء فإنه الذي يدور عليه أمر عالم الكون والفساد وهؤلاء على قلب أربعة عشر نبياً وهم آدم وادريس ونوح وابراهيم ويوسف وهود وصالح وموسى وداود وسليمان ويحيى وهارون وعيسى ومحمد سلام اللّه عليهم وعلى المرسلين والحمد لله رب العالمين


All in all, the following are details of groups of saints living on earth at any given time:

1.There are at any given time 4,000 Awliya living on earth. They are not known and recognized by the general public. In fact, amongst them one does not know the other and they themselves are not aware of the validity of their actions and devotion. All these are hidden from them and the general public.
2. Three hundred (300) from this group are statemen involved in the administration of this world. They control all transaction in the universe. They are the leaders of all pious people in the Divine Court of Allah Most High. They are known as AKHYAR.
3. Amongst these 300, there are 40 who are known as ABDAL.
4. Amongst these 40, seven (7) are ABRAR.
5. Amongst these 7, four (4) are AWTAD.
6. Amongst these 4, three (3) are NUQABA.
7. Amongst these 3, one (1) is known as the GHAWTH or QUTB. He is the most senior of them all and the Head and Chairperson of the spiritual assembly.



  1. Allah – beginning with the name of – the Most Gracious Merciful, the Most Merciful.

    Sallallahu alan-Nabiyyil Sallallahu alaihi wasallam Salatan- wasalamanalaika Ya Rasoolallah.

    Assalaamualycum Wa Rehamtullahe Wa Barkathu.

    Subhan-Allah. Masha-Allah.

    What a excellent information thanks for the same.


  2. What are the signs of Awliya? I am puzzled about myself. I was told by inspiration to my heart that I am at the level of “makam’i fena fillah” and given a zikr to say:” La mawjuda illallah “. I receive ilm’i Ladun. I know the what is in the hearth or mind of another person. If someone thinks about me, I became aware of it. I feel who is coming to visit me. I was told 3 years ago by inspiration to my heart that I am responsible from this city where I live, similar like prophet. Yet I am not claiming that I am a prophet. But I have high morals, high Islamic knowledge, I apply my Islamic knowledge to my actions, I am righteous, I don’t lie even I don’t joke. I help every human being, every animal, some come on my hand. Wild animals don’t hurt me. I feel which night night of power. I see dreams about earth, space, heavens, hells, inside of my body. I love Allah more than anybody, I love prophet more than most other people. I see him in my dreams. I see Jesus in my dreams and other holly companions of the Prophet Mohammed . I come from his family. I am sayyid. I love to give charity, all I think ” how can I please Allah? ” all day. I am wealthy I spend my wealth in the way of my Deen. And all human beings I don’t differanciate race, religion. I am very humble. I treat every one with kindness. I show patience to my painful illness. Every one loves and respects me in the community. Yet I don’t do any deeds to please them, I do every deed to please Allah only. I know devil when he comes near me. I smell his terrible odor. I know my nafs when it try to misleads me. I constantly struggle to won my battles with my nafs. I contemplate a lot about every aspects of my life. Than I receive explanation about my question from God to my heart. Very unique explanations comes from him. I try my best to represent Islam in society. I try every effort to teach the massage of Qur’an to Muslims and non Muslims. Are this signs of Awliya ?

    • I don’t know if these are signs of Awliya. But what you say if it’s true you are a very good person. Therefore blessed by Allah, loved by Allah and close to Allah. If are reading this please make dua for me and my family to bless us with good health, safety and security, And for Allah to forgive our sins and reach paradise inshaAllah. Thank you.

  3. Hello, can I contact with you? I mean is there a way we can be linked through email?

  4. Brother there are auliya but they dont know them self kashf is a power which opens in mind dont tell your inspirations if you want you can contac
    t me through email

  5. Auliya are hidden they even dont know them self or each other one thing is they dont grieve or frear except Allah secound kashf is opened in mind to verify the are saddiq always truth in thier speech all these things are hidden from their family as well secoundly not every auliya poses kashf and ilham but true dreams

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