Posted by: Seeker of the Sacred Knowledge | February 28, 2012

New Sufi Port Forum Launched

Bismillah …..

Assalamualaykum we have Recently Created a New Sufi Port Forum For those interested in the Sufi Path .


We will discussed the various Tairqah’s such as :

Tariqa Shadhiliyah

Tariqa Qadiriyah

Tariqa Rifaiyah

Tariqah Chisitiya

Tariqah Naqshabandiyah

Tariqa Suhrawardiyya

Tariqa Qalandariyah

Tariqa Muridiyah

Tariqa Ba’Alawiyah

Tariqa Tijaniyah

Tariqa  Khalwatiya

And other Tariqa’s as well as quesions and answers on finding a spiritual guide and how one can enter the Sufi Tariqa .


Website Link :


JazakAllah Khair



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