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New Bible Discovered


Secret £14million Bible in which ‘Jesus predicts coming of Prophet Muhammad’ unearthed in Turkey

  • Vatican ‘wants to see’ 1,500-year-old ancient script
  • Has been hidden by Turkish state for 12 years
  • Handwritten in gold-lettered Aramaic

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:14 PM on 24th February 2012

A secret Bible in which Jesus is believed to predict the coming of the Prophet Muhammad to Earth has sparked serious interest from the Vatican.
Pope Benedict XVI is claimed to want to see the 1,500-year-old book, which many say is the Gospel of Barnabas, that has been hidden by the Turkish state for the last 12 years.
The £14million handwritten gold lettered tome, penned in Jesus’ native Aramaic language, is said to contain his early teachings and a prediction of the Prophet’s coming.


Secret Bible: The 1,500-year-old tome was is said to contain Jesus’ early teachings and his prediction of the Prophet’s coming


Ancient: The leather-bound text, written on animal hide, was discovered by Turkish police during an anti-smuggling operation in 2000

The leather-bound text, written on animal hide, was discovered by Turkish police during an anti-smuggling operation in 2000.
It was closely guarded until 2010, when it was finally handed over to the Ankara Ethnography Museum, and will soon be put back on public display following a minor restoration.
A photocopy of a single page from the handwritten ancient manuscript is thought to be worth £1.5million.

Turkish culture and tourism minister Ertugrul Gunay said the book could be an authentic version of the Gospel, which was suppressed by the Christian Church for its strong parallels with the Islamic view of Jesus.
He also said the Vatican had made an official request to see the scripture – a controversial text which Muslims claim is an addition to the original gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John.
In line with Islamic belief, the Gospel treats Jesus as a human being and not a God.

Serious interest: The Vatican, under Pope Benedict XVI, is said to want to see the recently re-discovered Bible


Historic: The £14million handwritten gold lettered tome is penned in Jesus’ native Aramaic language

It rejects the ideas of the Holy Trinity and the Crucifixion and reveals that Jesus predicted the coming of the Prophet Muhammad.
In one version of the gospel, he is said to have told a priest: ‘How shall the Messiah be called? Muhammad is his blessed name’.

Born in Cyprus as Joseph, Barnabas was an Early Christian later named an apostle.
His story appears in the Acts of the Apostles, and Paul mentions him in some of his epistles.
The date, place, and circumstances of his death are historically unverifiable.
But Christian tradition states that he was martyred at Salamis, Cyprus.
He is traditionally identified as the founder of the Cypriot Church, with his feast day on June 11.
And in another Jesus denied being the Messiah, claiming that he or she would be Ishmaelite, the term used for an Arab.
Despite the interest in the newly re-discovered book, some believe it is a fake and only dates back to the 16th century.
The oldest copies of the book date back to that time, and are written in Spanish and Italian.
Protestant pastor İhsan Özbek said it was unlikely to be authentic.
This is because St Barnabas lived in the first century and was one of the Apostles of Jesus, in contrast to this version which is said to come from the fifth or sixth century.

He told the Today Zaman newspaper: ‘The copy in Ankara might have been written by one of the followers of St Barnabas.
‘Since there is around 500 years in between St Barnabas and the writing of the Bible copy, Muslims may be disappointed to see that this copy does not include things they would like to see.
‘It might have no relation with the content of the Gospel of Barnabas.’
Theology professor Ömer Faruk Harman said a scientific scan of the bible may be the only way to reveal how old it really is.



  1. It Is good that I found out about this

  2. ALLAHUAKBAR ALIHAMDULILAHI 4 being a muslim.May continue 2 guaid us 2 rite path.

  3. Amazing Find

  4. Amazing News

  5. Yes it is a AMAZING News.



    As it is seen, Barnabas’ Bible informs us about the advent of the last Prophet (‘alaihi ‘s-salam), six hundred or a thousand years before his coming and mentions only one God. It rejects the Trinity.

    But the fact is that despite all the efforts towards falsification, it is still written in various Bibles, which the Christians have today, that another Prophet will come after Jesus (‘Isa [‘alaihi ‘s-salam]). For example, it is written in the 12th and 13th verses of the 16th chapter of John’s book: “I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth.” This message in John’s Book is similarly repeated in a slightly different manner on the 885 th page of the Turkish translation from its Hebrew origin of the Holy Book, published in Istanbul and printed in Boyajiyan Agop’s printing house in 1303 (1886) by American and English Companies that publish the Evangel. It says on that page as follows: “My departure from the world is more beneficial for you, because, he, who will be consoling you, will not come before I go. When he comes he will purge the world of sins, and establish salvation and order. I still have many things to tell you. But you cannot endure them now. However, when he, the Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you to the truth. He will not utter his own words, but will tell what is revealed, and he will inform you about the things to happen in the future. He will confirm my way and communicate the same.” The word”he” in the passage above is interpreted in the translations of the Bible as “Ghost” or “Holy Ghost,” whereas its Latin origin writes it as “Paraclet” which means “consoler” in Latin. This means to say that despite all their efforts, they have not been able to erase the statement “after me a consoling person will come” from the Bible. Moreover, it is stated in verses 8 to 13 of the 13 th chapter of “The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians,” which is one of the letters written by Paul and accepted as a part of the Holy Bible by the Christians: “Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease [e.g. Latin and old Greek]; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away [like that of the Middle ages]. For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.” This exact excerpt exists on the 944 th page of the Turkish book. Kitab-i Mukaddes (Holy Bible). Therefore, Christians have to believe that there are reports about the advent of a final Prophet in today’s Bibles, which they believe to be true books.

    An English translation of the Gospel of Barnabas is available at the following ten places. Those who want to read it can order it from one of these addresses:

    1) Islamic Book Center, 120, Drummond Street, London NW 12HL, England. Tel: 01-388 07 10.

    2) Muslim Book Service, Fosis, 38, Mapesbury Road, London NW2 4JD,England. Tel: 01-452 44 93.

    3) Muslim Information Service, 233, Seven Sisters Road, London N4 2DA, England, Tel: 01-272 51 70; 263 30 71.

    4) Islamic Book Center, 19A, Carrington Street Glasgow G4 9AJ, Scotland, Great Britain, Tel: 041-333 11 19.

    5) The Islamic Cultural Center Book Service, 146, Park Road, London NW8 7RG, England. Tel: 01-724 33 63/7.

    6) Al-Hoda, Publishers And Distributers, 76-78, Charing Cross Road, London WC2, England. Tel: 01-240 83 81.

    7) A.H. Abdulla, P.O. Box. 81171, Mombasa. (Kenya).

    8) Islamic Propagation Center 47-48 Madrasa Arcade. Durban-Natal (South Africa).

    9) Muslim Students Association of U.S.A. too Canada H.Q. 2501 Directors Row. Indianapolis Indiana 46241, (U.S.A.).

    10) Begum, Aisha Bawany Wakf, 3rd Floor, Bank House No. 1, Habib Square, M.A.Jinnah Road, Karachi, PAKISTAN.


  6. I think christians can hide the truth for ever.
    And the christians shoud be ashamed.

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