Posted by: Seeker of the Sacred Knowledge | February 17, 2012

Shaykh Muhammad Ahmad Sadiq Martyred in Damascus


Damascus, Feb 16 (Prensa Latina) Gunmen assassinated Sheikh Mohammad Ahmad Ouf Sadeq, an imam at the mosque Anas bin Malek in this capital, while Jordan forces arrested well-equipped gangs that were trying to enter Syria.

Local media reported on Thursday that the Islamic priest was returning to Damascus on Wednesday night when an armed group intercepted his vehicle in Qadam Assali, in al-Bweideh district, in Damascus Countryside.

Imam Sadeq, 36, who strongly condemned the terrorist attack on January 6 in al-Midan and called for national unity, had a Ph.D. in Sharia (Islamic law). He was survived by four children.

The Jordan website al-Helal reported that that units of the Royal Force of the Desert, from Jordan, captured well-armed individuals of Arab nationalities as they were trying to enter Syrian territory illegally from Jordan, through the northwestern border area of al-Ramtha.

The assassination of the Islamic priest coincided with the terrorist attack and looting, also on Wednesday, on the provincial headquarters of the Department of Religious Affairs in Damascus Countryside.

A similar vandalistic attack took place in the religious school of Darit Izzeh in Aleppo, SANA news agency reported.

These attacks show that these gangs of extremist Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood had infiltrated in the country and have increased criminal actions against Islamic leaders and institutions in Syria, because the Islamic leaders condemn terrorist violence and call for harmony between religions and national union.



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