Posted by: Faqir | January 5, 2012

Mawlid Poem by Pir Mehr Ali Shah

Mahboob da mela eh
Mehfil noon sajaayee rakhna
Odhe aaon da vela eh

This gathering is for the Beloved
Keep the gathering decorated
It is time for him to appear

DasaaN gal ki khazeenay dee
Duniya khaaondee eh
Khayraat Madinay dee

What can I tell you about his treasury
The whole world eats
From the charity of Madina

Rahmat da mahina eh
LokaaN diyaaN lakh ThaaraaN
Saadee Thaar Madina eh

It is the month of mercy
Other people have many abodes
Our abode is Madina

Koii misl na’een dholan dee
Chup kar Mehr e Ali
Ithhay jaa na’een bolan dee

There is no metaphor for the Beloved
Be quiet Mehr Ali
This is not the place for metaphors


  1. Subhan-Allah
    very very nice poem by Pir Mehr Ali Shah.
    Excellent One.
    Jazak-Allah-Khair for nice posting.

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  3. MahsaALLAH kya khubsoorat kalam hai….SubhanAllah….JazakAllah

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