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Notes from The Signs of Dajjal Talk By Habib Kadhim as-Saqqaf

Notes from The Signs of Dajjal Talk By Habib Kadhim as-Saqqaf:

-The River Euphrates will totally dry up, when it dries up people will find mountains of gold, and people will kill each other for this gol. Prophet Muhammad warned us to stay away from there.

-Imam Medhi will come and bring justice and equity(same name of the Prophet of Allah and his fathers name will be of the prophets father. He will rule according to shariah .

-Dajjal , He will stop at Uhud, he cant enter Makkah or Madinah al-Munawara . With Madinah al-Munawara he will reach at Uhud, he stops there because  Madinah al-Munawara and Makkah are guarded by Angels, and he knows if he takes a step foward the angels will step forward and cut him down.

– Shayteen makes us forget to say Bismillah when we enter our house so they enter with us, shayateen makes us forget to say Bismillah when we eat so they can eat with us .  When a man perfumes annoints with oil and forgets to say Bismillah, then 70 devils are perfumed too !  They try their hardest to take us away from our natural state, and into a state of wretchedness. The reason Shaytan does this because  man is the middle path for them between the middle world (think thats wha he said) and the angelic world.  

-40 days. The first  day will be like a year, The Second day will be like a month, the Third will be like a week long, the rest are normal days. Prayers will be confusing, but calculate how you normally do, even though one of dajjals days will be like a year. When sun is at a certain point for dhuhr its time for dhuhr, even tho the sun movement will be like a year.

– Dajjal will have what seems like supernatural powers. Prophet Muhammad said when he first  comes out he will say he is here to save humanity.. people will have severe draught. Over a period he will lose his eye. And have a mark on forehead. He will then claim prophethood and then say he is God.
– He will have 70,000 sorceres, he will enter a village with simple people in it, and  say ”I am  god, do you beleive in me? ” They will say no you are the anti christ.  He will have lost an eye and  Kafir will be marked  on forehead. He will say he can ressurect the dead, and he will bring someone  to life, the thing that comes out the grave is a shaytaan tho, not the dead person. It will tell people “believe in him (dajjal) he is your maker).

– Dajaal will bring a womans father, husband and child back to life (but its the shaytaan taking the form of them) and she will go bak to her house thinkin she is reunited with her family, but after 40 days they will go and she will realise she spent that time with shayateen .

-Prophet Muhammad   also talked about the sun rising from the west. This has already happened to mercury and other planets, it will happen to planet earth. It is symbolic cos no ones repentance will be accepted, itwill be too late.

– All the beleivers will die from this wind, unbeleivers will remain. then there will be no purpose of the earth Allah created man to worship him and because there is noone to say Allah Allah, La illah ha il allah. The people who remain will live like animals. Then there will be destruction of the earth.



  1. Thanks for the very influential notes.

  2. Assalamoualaikum brother

    May Allah reward you for sharing your knowledge with us and we can from your learning share with our relative and family to inform people to stop running after dunya at least everyday igve 5 minutes to forget everything and sit alone remember the almighty and ask forgiveness the end is near grab the chance that we are getting alhamdulila ask for forgiveness and pray for all muslim brothers and sisters for Allah to protect us against dajjal and Allah’s punishment ameen

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