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Notes From Affirming Faith In The Believers By Al Habib Kadhim al Saqqaf in Cardiff,

Bismillah …..

Habib Starts with Supplications an praise upon the Rasul Allah Sal Allahu Alayhi Wasalam,

Habib then starts to talk about how everytime Allah Mentions Muhammad Salallahu alayhi wasalam in the Qur’an , He Doesn’t Just address him by saying ‘Ya Muhammad (Oh Muhammad)’ Rather Allah Subhanwata’la uses descriptive words to Mention Rasul Allah Salallahu alayhi wasalam, I.E, ‘Oh Muddathir , oh Muzzammil, Ya Nabi, Ya Rasul’ This is the respect that Allah Subhanwata’la gives to the blessed Nabi Salallahu alayhi wasalam.

So Habib Says after this , When ever we mention Allah Subhanawata’las name we must always use exalted terms and beautiful terms, I.e the Asma Ul Husna , And After Allah’s Name is mentioned we must praise it.

Habib Kadhim then begins to talk about how the true believers when they hear Allah Subhanwata’las name they quiver and shake, Habib emphasised on this point many times , Just as what the Qur’an said in Surah al-Anfal: “Verily believers are those whose hearts tremble at his mention”

Habib Then begins to give examples of this from the lives of the saliheen and the Grand Daughters/Sons of RasulAllah Salallahu alayhi wasalam.

When Imam Zayn al-‘Abidin heard Allah’s name, his face would become yellow

When he recited the Talbiyah, he began, then he fell unconcious

They asked: What heppened?

“Do you know who I Called upon?”

This was the exalataion mixed with fear of Allah

He fell unconcious again

and this time the reason was that he feared Allah would reply: “You are not welcome” (La Labbayk)

This was the son of the daughter of the messenger

Then Habib Kadhim Hafidhahullah, Continually emphasised on the Qur’anic verse from Surah Anfaal about Those true believers are those Who when they hear Allah Subhanwata’la’s name their hearts tremble and shake.

Habib Kadhim then mentioned another story of One Of The Saliheen, as an example

one of the salihin… his heart was filled with veneration with Allah, and had a unique station in his heart, he wrote bismi Llah on a plate, and when he wrote Allah, the plate shattered

they gave him another plate, it shattered agian.. and this repeated

then he said: “leave me in the state of exaltation”

Habib explained that this example shows the greatness of Allah’s Name and how powerful the blessed name is. Then Habib Said that in the end of times, there will be true belivers

they will shatter fortresses, let alone plates!

land will be conquered, half on land, half on sea

simply by takbir!

They say it once, half of the land will fall into sea

it has occured previously

If the heart will be effected, how will the effect on others be?

if you are not affected, how can you affect others?

“When His verses are recited, they only serve to increase them in faith”

especially the Makki ayaat

there are many paths in the Qur’an

Habib then gives some adhkaar, to help one have stronger Imaan(Faith)

This is what Habib said: Read the verses on Allah: your heart will be filled witj ta’dhim

Read the verses on the resurrection etc: your heart will have stronger Iman in the realities of the unseen, the akhirah, qiyamah

Some verses will transfer you to the worlds of the unseen

Read ash-shamsu kuwwirat, sama’un shaqqat, and one other, these will transport you to another world

strengthen your certainty: look at how he addresses humanity

e.g. verses on how Allah provides us, and our gratitude. “Is there a God other than Allah?” “Who places therein rivers, mountains, barrier between seas. Is there a deity other than Allah”

Our faith increases, and we sense this

some of us may not feel this

but true mu’minin, their hearts tremble, their faith increases, their hearts trust in Allah

true reliance manifests when one is in fear

when it is clear, there is no reliance

when you are fearing something, then there is space for trusting Allah. engaging with the affair in this state

you engage the means, though

and the sayyid of the mutawakkilin is the Messenger, yet he engaged the creation

sallaLlahu ‘alayhi wa alih

Then Habib Emphasised on the Importance of Tawakul Allah ( Reliance on Allah)

Habib Continually quoted this verse “Whoever relies upon Allah, Allah suffices him” (Qur’an)

If the mu’min does not repeat hasbunaLlah wa ni’m al-wakil, how can he have reliance?

They should blame their selves. Allah brought forth this verse so the hearts could be opened!

Reliance is a mix between ‘ilm and ‘amal — it is unique station

engaging means without relying on the means: that is true reliance

do what you want regarding trade, and good deeds: don’t rely on them

put your trust in the karam of Allah

thus, when you fall short, know you’re only interacting with creation

when you’re successful, who is the one who facilitated it?

thus, in both situations, put your trust in the Creator. not in the hospital, doctor; Allah heals you

Habib Then Continually told stories from the saliheen about reliance upon Alllah , and the Importance of Saying Hasbun Allah Wa Ni’mal Wakeel.

After this Habib Continually quoted abut Tawakul Allah,

Then Habib started to Talk about the importance of reciting the Qur’aan to rectify your faith and carry on doing dhikr and salah.

The Lecture then Finished and Habib recited nasheeds with the Munshid and took part in a mini hadra. When the hadrah finished somebody questioned Habib about the validaty of reciting nasheds and the hadrah and qasidahs with the daff, Habib Gave answers from the Qur’aan and Sunnah, and also Habib had to answer about Mawlid.

May Allah Subhanawata’la bless Habib Kadhim and bless his amazing efforts for the deen and Islaam.

By Sidi Mikhael



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