Posted by: Seeker of the Sacred Knowledge | September 30, 2011

Al-Habib Faysal al-Kaf In Birmingham

BismiLlah. . .

As-salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatu Llah,

One Day intensive course: The Way to Allah, with al-Habib Faysal al-Kaf. Having conducted a number of TV and radio shows amongst other da’wah efforts, his teachers include Habib ‘Umar b. Hafiz, Habib Kazim and others. He is a teacher at the annual dawrah, at Dar al-Mustafa.


Qamar ul Islam Masjid
168-170 Fosbrooke Road,Small Heath, B10 9JP
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Date :

Saturday 1st October 2011

Itinerary for the day:
12.00pm-1.00pm Intro and nasheeds with Mahmood (member of Shaam)
1.00pm-1.30pm Break for Duhur
1.30-4.00pm Continuation of course
4.00pm-5.30pm Break and Asr prayer
6.00pm-7.00pm Continuation of course
7.00pm-7.30pm Break for Maghrib prayer
7.30pm-8.30pm Last part of course with Q and A session with closing Du’a


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