Posted by: Faqir | September 25, 2011

Poem For Shaykh Muhammad Al Yaqoubi

(Please Click on the Image And Save The Audio Version Of The Poem) 
A Poem By Sayyidi Shaykh Hammami  Of Damascus For Sidi Shaykh As-Sharif Muhammad Al Yaqoubi Al-Hassani Of Damascus
How would I enjoy life after you moved to exile,
you are the joy of people’s eyes and hearings!
Since you left, my heart left me so that
my body is with me but my heart is running fast behind you.
Damascus is void of any meaning; so
when we look around, even with a close look, we see no beauty.
Where are the Hadiths and the sayings you always related with isnads,
in your beautiful pronunciation, coming out of your mouth like pearls.
Who is even going to answer a tough question of the sacred knowledge;
when all fail to understand; save for a man of vast knowledge who will solve it with ease!
Where are the meetings we had for long time which were ornamented with
the son of the Messenger of Allah, the best of Creation!
May Allah bring these days back,
with our hopes of victory, might, power, and triumph having become true.


  1. Salam

    The poem was authored by Ustadh Ahmad Hammami, not Abdurrahman Hammami, whom you have pictured above the poem.

    Jazakallahu khayran

  2. The Photo Shall be changed Soon


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