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Qualities of a Shaykh


After the Rank of being a Prophet, no rank is higher than being a deputy of a Prophet, to call men, by the path of Sayyidinah Muhammad SalAllahu Alayhi Wassalam.

The word Shaykh, signifies being a Khalifah, hence its degree is excellent. The Shaykh’s purpose is to cleanse the rust of the lust of nature, the murids heart; so that in it, by attractions and inclinations, may be reflected the rays of the beauty of unity and the glory of eternity; so that by beholding them his eyes may be attracted, thus divine love may rest in his sincere heart.

The rules of being a Shaykh are fifteen:

The Purifying of resolution and the searching for the cause.
First he should seek out of himself that the cause be not
The desire of precedence
The desire of being a Shaykh
The desire of being followed

The knowledge of capacity
-The Shaykh must regard the capacity of the Murid. If in him he sees the capacity of treading the path of those near to God, he invites him with skill and by elucidating the states of him who is near to God.

-If he sees, the Murid does not have much capacity for the path of the pious; he invites him by admonishing, by inciting and instructing him as well as mentioning Paradise and Hell.

Being Pure (having no lot or part) in respect of the Murids property.
-The Shaykh must show no greed for the property or the service of the Murid. If the Mureed desires at once to give up his property, the Shaykh may accept; because in return for it, he can give to the Murid that state (for which he is fit) which is the cause of tranquillity of the heart.

-Delights of offering and of severing attachments are incumbent on the Shaykh so that by observing their effects, the sincerity and the conviction of the Murid may be greater.

Dance of Deed
-When the Shaykh wishes to invite the Murid to a practice or to an abandonment, it is necessary that in his own state, this (practice or abandonment) should be evident, so that without suspicion that Murid may accept.

Compassion for the weak
-When in the Murid, the Shaykh sees the weakness of resolution and knows that against lust and the abandoning of the accustomed things he has no true resolution, he should display kindness. To the limit of his power he should abridge the austerities, so that the Murid may not shun him, and so that in time he may gain kinship with Fuqara.

The Purifying speech
-Pure of the pollution of desire must be the Shaykh’s speech, so that its effect upon the Mureed is seen. On the heart the effect of the speech is like the seed, if the seed be bad there is no fruit; iniquity of the speech is in the entering into, and associating with desire.

Exalting the heart to God in the state of speech
-When the Shaykh wishes to speak to the Murid, he should turn his heart towards Allah and from Him ask sense, that he may be the perfecter of time and the comprehended of the welfare of the hearer’s state, that his tongue be the speaker of God and that his speech may be true in rendering benefit.

8 points have been mentioned above, the rest 7 will be uploaded soon inshaAllah.


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